From now to 31.3.2021, in memory of Bhau, our vision changer, founder Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat sponsors all 258 countries, SARs, Islands, Territories and 29 States, 1 NCT, 6 UTs & 726 plus districts in India

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Ashoka Fellows in Thane

Sanjay Bapat - (Now Founder of
Civic Engagement
Sectors : Social Enterprise, Technology/Information Technology
Target Population : Businesses, Citizen Sector Organizations, Underserved Communities

Sanjay Bapat has created a full-featured virtual space for individuals and groups promoting development and social progress in India, making it easy to share ideas, form effective partnerships, and build momentum for positive social change.

After 28.08.2013, Sanjay Bapat continued Technology / IT based integrator but increased his canvas from India to all the countries in the world and now he focuses on (And he thinks CSR stands for Conscience, Sustainability & Reputation and each individual / institution / village / city / State / UT / County / Country / Continent has their own identity)


Sunita Bagal
Economic Development
Sectors : Equality/Rights, Gender Equity, Income Generation
Target Population: Communities, Unemployed/Working Poor, Women

By organizing female vendors to fight exploitation and realize their market potential, Sunita Bagal is creating employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for India's poorest women working in villages at places of worship, historical monuments, and fairs.

Hasina Khan
Human Rights
Sectors : Adult Education, Gender Equity, Law and Legal Reform
Target Population: Citizen Sector Organizations, Religious Communities, Women

Hasina Khan, an Indian Muslim who overcame her family's conservative views on women in society, has formed a powerful coalition to fight the discrimination against women that is perpetuated by Muslim Personal Law.

Minal Lonkar - Kavishwar
Sectors : Health Care Delivery, Mental Health, Public Policy
Target Population: Disabled (Physical/Mental), Mentally ill, Public

Minal Lonkar-Kavishwar, an energetic and creative psychologist, is introducing animal-assisted therapy in India to increase emotional and mental health. She is unlocking latent capacities for communication and empathy by combining the qualities of a therapist and trained animal, during interaction with clients.

Anil Shaligram
Sectors : Rural Development, Technology/Information Technology
Target Population: Citizen Sector Organizations, Communities, Farmers/Sharecroppers

Through his One Village One Computer (1V1C) initiative, Anil Shaligram is making information technology relevant and accessible to rural communities in India by teaching underserved people to use computers as a means of tackling basic social and economic problems and setting up a network of locally run IT cooperatives.


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