Thane District    (Forum India, Thane and India's 29 States, 7 UTs and 712 districts - including Thane - are sponsored in memory of Bhau)
Masunda Lake, Thane

The lake has an island at the center, on which a Temple was built in ancient times.
Today a beutiful temple stands in its place, illuminated with coloured lights.
This lake is very old - might have been created by meterorite - as there are several lakes in Thane, which is the sign of it.
Previously this lake was extending upto the Shiv Mandir on the East. In 1950s a new road was constructed by reducing the area of the lake to almost half its original size, to take care of traffic load. Several gardens, a vegetable market & a small ground - Shivaji Maidan were created in between the Temple & Lake.
Also known as the Masunda Lake this is one of the most famous landmark in Thane.
Famous for boat rides and food stalls..this is a great place for hangout!!!

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