Thane District    (Forum India, Thane and India's 29 States, 7 UTs and 712 districts - including Thane - are sponsored in memory of Bhau)
Social & health issues

CSRidentity.com will take interviews from at least 400 districts of India to understand the socical issues / challenges of the district.
We will cover social issues of the district and not issues related to politics, criminalism, naxalism, terrorism ... in the district.
Yes, we understand that these issues affect citizens and environment not only in the district or State / UT or India but the entire world because will internet & social media the world really is becoming a village (Yes a large village with great technological inputs. While many issues have same name, the dimension of the issues vary, and some issues are only related to this district).

We will also try to understand what will be the scenario of the district in 2030 (UN has declared 2030 for sustainable development goals) and what is this district doing on key global issue of Climate change.

Instead of sharing the details of issues on CSRidentity.com, we plan to share links to the of initiatives related to the issues by government, NGOs / NPOs, corporates, funding agencies and philanthropist driven organisations in this country.

We also share names of doctors in their specialised areas and the name, address & phone number of related hospital in this issue.
Share them with Datacentre and we will share it free for all.

There are no costs to you because we are integrators of information and source and interested people or organisations will directly contact related government officials or organisations for details.

For details, contact Datacentre


Each nation should be Developed Nation is what the founder thinks and that is why in 2009, he started an NGO by the name Developed Nation Network Trust.
The last two words are imporant because instead of doing all things, we are a network and the last word is far more important in real life, Trust. You can trust in our work because we will select credible partners or say that we cant do this work.

Yes, each person can have a prosperous life in education and economy terms so that you can help Below the Poverty line citizens, and yes, Below the Poverty line is not just in economic way but below the poverty line in Value education.