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V. V. Lakshminarayana
- Early Childhood
- Value Education
- Politics
- Use of techlology

Dr. Jyoti A. Lathkar.
The Divisional Joint Registrar of Co-operative Societies, (CIDCO)
Division Kokan Bhavan, Navi Mumbai

Dr Vikas Mhaskar on his Rose garden


Nilkor Kulkarni, a common but great citizen
Abhay & Radhika on adoption
Hari Wagh, a villager below the poverty line
A tea boy
A flower vendor
Sunanda Tai, a housemaid worker
An auto rickshaw driver
Radheshyam Yadav, painter (migrated to Thane)
Amey Joshi on cancer, CA education
Nand Kishore, a HAM radio specialist
Signature collector Satish Chaphekar
CA, who travels to different countries
Dr Kolhatkar, a family doctor
Dilip Satra on meeting with Mr Modi

Each nation should be Developed Nation is what the founder thinks and that is why in 2009, he started an NGO by the name Developed Nation Network Trust.
The last two words are imporant because instead of doing all things, we are a network and the last word is far more important in real life, Trust. You can trust in our work because we will select credible partners or say that we cant do this work.

Yes, each person can have a prosperous life in education and economy terms so that you can help Below the Poverty line citizens, and yes, Below the Poverty line is not just in economic way but below the poverty line in Value education.