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Benefits of technology and innovation must be shared ‘with those who stand to gain most’ – Ban
6 June – Speaking at the first multi-stakeholder forum on science, technology and innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged leaders to share their benefits with those who stand to gain most.
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Balkrishna Industries Ltd.

R&D is always at the forefronts of BKT and spends a considerable amount of its revenue on research and development. All the wide range of tires in each segment including Radial OTR & Agri-Radial Tyre Technology has been developed in-house.

The key reason BKT tires are globally competitive is its engineering talent. Over the years a dedicated team of engineers have taken on the task of designing and manufacturing superior tires in the shortest possible time. With precise and complex planning BKT is developing over 150-160 new sizes every year, coupled with world’s fastest turn around time of 8 to 10 weeks for new product development. BKT has established its brand image through quality and after sales service and the brand “BKT” enjoys an enviable reputation in International & Domestic aftermarket as well as amongst all major original equipment manufacturers (OEM) across the world. BKT has a dedicated team of professionals, who carryout design and development of new products, as per specific customer needs and market feedback.

The latest tyre testing facilities including endurance testing machine up to 32 MT & tyre X Ray inspection machines backs up BKT’s in-house quality assurance and testing program. BKT conducts indoor and outdoors tests, BKT has a dedicated outdoor testing facility at ISMA , Italy and all such tests are based on strict international regulations. Further BKT's tyre testing and evaluation experts also seek constant feedback from the market, resulting in continuous improvement.

Through constant market research to keep abreast of customer needs and technological trends, Intensive R&D to discover and develop new patterns, designs and styles and relentless expanding of production capabilities, BKT has gained world market share at a blistering pace in a short period.


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Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)

Vehicle Technology and Fuel
Vehicles are a special problem as they emit in the breathing zone of people. A large number of studies are now available that show exposure to vehicle exhaust causes significant increase in respiratory symptoms and lung function impairment, cancer and plethora of other ailments. Indian evidences have also begun to emerge. Congestion further aggravates emissions. Low average speeds due to traffic congestion increases the emissions due to the stop-and-go pattern of traffic flow in congested condition.

Leapfrog to clean vehicle technology and fuels and fuel efficient vehicles. Small gains are easily offset by the growing traffic volumes. Indian regulations instead of pushing the automobile industry to catch up with the global best standards, fall short of what the industry is capable of achieving. Public health goals cannot be met in cities if vehicles continue to meet poor emissions standards. Five to ten year lag in emissions standards and uncontrolled dieselization without clean diesel can further aggravate public health impacts. The current European standards allow diesel vehicles to emit several times more oxides of nitrogen than petrol vehicles and are lenient on particulate standards.


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