Social work universities, colleges, institutions (Names & addresses). We will share social work graducation, post graducation, P hd colleges.
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CSRidentity.com's main focus area is social issues and we plan to cover Social work colleges / institutes / universities who give students degree, post graducation as well as P hd.

We have shared MBA colleges, universities in India as of now and will share them in 50 plus countries by year end.

Most of the students learn and practice social work but what is key to working or starting any not for profit organisation is sustainability & reputation of the organisation. However good the organisation may be, what is important is its own sustainability so that the programmes it is doing for community are sustainable and will not collapse when the funding stops. Yes, organisations work for the community and they depend on funding, but what we must tell the people working in these organisations is that you can not be overdependent (specifically just one funder) because if you stop getting funds, your work should not stop. Some people may not take any salary but always remember that when you want to buy anything like what, rice, vegetables ... you have to pay the one who gives you. So sustainability should be treated like respiration because if respiration stops, the human being can not sustain.

We will start promoting the concept of Sustainability & Reputation Tree to all the institutes so that students not only understand the concept but can suggest modifications if any.