Identity (To start on 4 July)
Social work colleges / Universities

From now, we will start sharing names wih due links to Social work colleges / universities in 100 plus countries in this forum.

Foreign embassies in India
1) We plan to write to the foreign embassies of various countries in India requesting them to share the names of various law universities in their country and if any embassy shares any names, we will share the embassy as source.
2) We are sending emails to embassies of various countries in various countries e.g. embassy of India in many countries or China or USA or Pakistan or North Korea in various countries and if they share names, we will give credit to them.
3) We know foreign embassies are extremely busy and will not remind them more than one time because for them, the work they do is part of representing that country in the country where the embassy is, and it is far far time consuming than sharing names. And we will take this as a dream attempt.

For details, contact Datacentre