Sustainability of programmes

Sustainability of programmes
While it is crucial that all institutions are sustainable, it is equally important that the programmes they do have following mandatory features.

1) must be sustainable, and the programmes are designed for a particular scale or quality, programmes must be sustainable to the designed time. e.g. programme of adult education must ensure that all adults are educated and once all the adults are educated, the programme must be over or it can be a new type of programme where all the people are educated or all youngsters aer educated or the values that one gets are of of a certain quality (e.g. we have seen many people who are educated and may have degrees but their own values are of so bad quality, that we would invite institutes across the world to add value in their education system and also add value to the so called educated.
2) must be efficeint (There has to be a lmit to the cost otherwise one can go on investing in programme sustainability but so inefficiently, that the programme or institutional sustainability never happens)
3) programmes must be good, efficient and be of a right cost
4) invite other stakeholders to modify or replicate the programmes because no institute can do programmes directly across this world (the cost of doing the programmes if done by one institute increases if the institute tries to do it themself without any local partners)

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Identity of Sustainability of programmes
We will interview some of the following to understand identity of Sustainability of programmes
NGOs, Corporates, Funding agencies, Government officials, volunteers, retail donors, philanthropists, media
They will also share what the sector has to do to improve the Identity thereby enhancing the Sustainability of programmes