Sustainability of institutions / organisations

Sustainability of institutions / organisations
It is crucial that all institutions are sustainable.

By ensuring the instituional sustainability, we can do many of the following issues.
1) Ensure continuity of the good work the institutions have started.
2) Modify / build capacity of the institution based on the community needs.
3) Scale up the institution either in terms of numbers or geographies e.g. while a corporate can think of gettng into new coutries or new aeras within any country, an NGO/NPO can think of increasing the outreach to a large number of audience (they can think that insted of educating 1000 girls, they want to educate 10 000 girls or educate 100 000 girls in different aeras within the country or they want to take care of education of girls in other countries).
4) While a corporate can invest the profits they have made earlier into new sustainable ventures, an NGO/NPO can look at new funders who find the work they are doing adds value to their philanthropic initiatives responsibly.

Then we all can leave a better world and better universe. Else, we have to be too big like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, George Washington and very few other great people who really seem to leave after they live us on this earth. Really larger than their life span.

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Identity of Sustainability of organisations
We will interview some of the following to understand identity of Sustainability of organisations.
NGOs, Corporates, Funding agencies, Government officials, volunteers, retail donors, philanthropists, media
They will also share what the sector has to do to improve the Identity thereby enhancing the Sustainability of organisations.