Sustainability is important for individuals as well as institutions (for profit as well as not for profits).

For profit organisations must be sustainable so that
1) Their clients / customers know that the corporate or FA or consultant or researcher or Ad agency or PR agency ... can be continued because they know their clients.
2) Their employees can focus on their work rather than sustainability of the organisation they work with.

Not for profit organisations must be sustainable so that
1) They can focus on the communities / nature they serve
2) The funders of not for profits can continue funding them
3) They can serve more number of community members, can modify their programmes...

Sustainability is crucial and we share

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Identity of Sustainability
We will interview some of the following to understand identity of Sustainability
NGOs, Corporates, Funding agencies, Government officials, volunteers, retail donors, philanthropists, media
They will also share what the sector has to do to improve the Identity thereby enhancing the Sustainability.