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Flag Description

South Sudan's flag was adopted on July 9, 2005, and was used as the Sudan People's Liberation Movement flag prior to the country's independence in 2011.

The flag features the Pan-African colors of black, red and green, as well as a blue triangle with a yellow star, which symbolize the Nile River and unity of the states respectively. The white lines are a celebration of peace after many years of the liberation struggle.

Larger South Sudan flag

South Sudan Coat of Arms:
Flag of South Sudan
The coat of arms of South Sudan features an African Fish Eagle bearing a shield and crossed spears. The eagle is a symbol of strength, resilience and vision, while the shield and spears represent protection of the new state.

Below are the national motto and country name.

Independence / Republic Days
Independence from Sudan
- Comprehensive Peace Agreement 6 January 2005
- Autonomy 9 July 2005
- Independence 9 July 2011


Calling code

South Sudanese pound (SSP)

Geographic Coordinates
04°51'N 31°36'E

Official languages