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Engineers Without Borders - Hyderabad

Rasoolpura Slum Development Project at Hyderabad

EWB-India Hyderabad Chapter in partnership with an NGO, Bhumi, has decided to undertake slum improvement work, starting with a pilot project at Rasoolpura, situated in the heart of the city. An open sewage canal passes right across the slum and overspills into the houses each time there is a heavy downpour. The canal also carries toxic pollutants from a nearby industrial area. Lack of proper sanitation and hygiene are additional causes of many diseases prevailing in the area. Due to the high level of poverty a large percentage of children are engaged in child labour.

Under the guidance of Bernhard Chapligin of Karlsruhe University, Germany, and Prof. Jafari of Muffakham Jah College of Engineering, a civil engineering team of student volunteers has initiated detailed engineering and health related studies in order to propose practical solutions.


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Institute of Psychological and Educational Resear- IPER


Project activities

1) Improvement of the living conditions of the people living in the slums;

2) Linking the people with other available services in the state;

3) Facilitating required services like vocational training, adult literacy, health care in the slums;

4) Awareness in the community on cleanliness and sanitation;

5) Formation of User Groups and Self-Help Groups in the slums.

To ensure clean and healthy atmosphere in the slums. Train the slum dwellers in developing ownership of keeping the community toilets, common passage clean.
Beneficiaries: Slum dwellers in 7 KMC Wards

Kolkata Municipal Corporation Wards 74, 83, 88, 89, 90, 91, 98 and 97

October 2005 - April 2008

Funding agency
Kolkata Environmental Improvement Project under Kolkata Municipal

Significant achievements
12 Self-Help Groups formed with women in the slums formed, more than 300+ User Groups formed for the Toilets, 4 Vocational Trainings with women and functional literacy. Two sessions of eye check-up, people with disability linked with organisations working with the disabled. Exposure visits were held with the slum dwellers for vocational training


More programmes of various stakeholders are accessible to content members.


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