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5,460,302 (July 2013 est.)
country comparison to the world: 115
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Please dont think CSR is only corporate social responsibility. CSR means Conscience, Sustainability & Reputation and CSR therefore is every individuals and institutions responsibility. Lets all take care of sustainability & reputation tree branches and leaves. Of course the branches of every tree are different.
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Singapore Flag Description
The white crescent represents Singapore as a new nation, the five stars symbolize democracy, equality, justice, peace and progress, while white is representative of the purity and virtue of the people, and red stands for universal brotherhood.

Current Time in Singapore (Singapore)

Southeastern Asia, islands between Malaysia and Indonesia

Geographic coordinates
1 22 N, 103 48 E

Map references
Southeast Asia

total: 697 sq km
country comparison to the world: 192
land: 687 sq km
water: 10 sq km

Area - comparative
slightly more than 3.5 times the size of Washington, DC

193 km

Maritime claims
territorial sea: 3 nm
exclusive fishing zone: within and beyond territorial sea, as defined in treaties and practice

Elevation extremes
lowest point: Singapore Strait 0 m
highest point: Bukit Timah 166 m

noun: Singaporean(s)
adjective: Singapore

Mandarin (official) 36.3%, English (official) 29.8%, Hokkien 8.1%, Tamil (official) 4.4%, Cantonese 4.1%, Teochew 3.2%, Malay (official) 1.2%, other Chinese dialects 1.1%, other 1.7% (2010 est.)

National symbol(s)
lion, merlion (mythical half lion-half fish creature), orchid

National anthem
name: "Majulah Singapura" (Onward Singapore)

National Anthem lyrics/music
note: adopted 1965; the anthem, which was first performed in 1958 at the Victoria Theatre, is sung only in Malay

revenues: $45.67 billion
expenditures: $41.83 billion
note: expenditures include both operational and development expenditures (2013 est.)

Taxes and other revenues
15.4% of GDP (2013 est.)
country comparison to the world: 190



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CSRidentity.com thinks that every citizen and every institution must not only think about past & present challenges but please understand that one must think & act for future (2020, 2030, 2050 or beyond these years and beyond one's life)

2015 is known for The Millennium Development Goals. To read the UN report, click here.

Governments, businesses and civil society together with the United Nations have started to mobilize efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Agenda by 2030. Universal, inclusive and indivisible, the Agenda calls for action by all countries to improve the lives of people everywhere. Click here to visit our version of Sustainable Development Goals. If you want to see the videos shared by UN, click here.

Singapore Botanic Gardens (Singapore)
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