Shopping Mall : Shop from local NGOs

Going to a shopping mall is good in integrates hundreds of shops togehter and you to get what you need & want in one large shopping mall. Right from daily grocery needs to sports to clothes to even Cinema.

So we will not at all say that dont go to shopping malls or individual shops.

We request you to visit and buy products from local NGOs for several reasons like :
1) NGO Shopping helps sustainability of NGOs because you not just shop but when you see the NGO, you may like to donate or volunteer there.
2) The products may be manufactured by Disabled (Differently abld), Elderly, Women, Self Help Groups, Men or women who lost their job because where they were working is closed down .... so they feel proud that there products are bought
3) In a small way, it stops migration from villages to twons or metros because they get income in their village
4) In a small way, it helps income to local people

We plan to share districtwise NGOs where you can go and next to the NGO, we will give their address, phone and the products they sale.

We start with India country, which is our global example country.

Never share picture of products to us because o
Our sever will block emails sharing images, presentations, pdf or word files ... so dont share images, pictures of products to us.

Share name of district, NGO name, address and products you sell.
Our contact : Datacentre@CSRidentity.com