For corporates
Visibility in corporate section folder

On all pages of the corporate folder
(Names not countrywise)
Rs 12000/- or USD 200/-

On the relevant country page in the corporate folder
e.g. Corporates in Japan in Japan page in Corporate folder
Rs 3000/- or USD 50/-

Visibility in the NGO section folder
On every page of the NGO section folder
(Names in alphabetical order, not countrywise order)
Rs 6000/- or USD 100/-
Visibility at global, country or district level

On the home page of
(This is global visibility)
Rs 34500/- or USD 500

On all pages of country
(where you are registered)
Rs 12000/- or USD 200

On all pages of any 1 district
(Only in India)
Rs 3000/- or USD 50

From 01.04.2018 to 31.03.2020

Please pay fees only by bank transfer
State Bank of India, Gokhale Road, Naupada, Thane (West) branch.
C/B a/c no : 32704401177
IFSC code : SBIN0005354

We will take the fees only by bank transfer.
Use of paper (cheque/DD plus letter plus envelope) results in indirectly cutting of trees, which is what we want every citizen to avoid.

Most of the educational institutes & colleges, education universities are offically NGOs or NPOs (not for profits) but since they charege fees to the students and a lot of students go to this institutes, we do not consider them as NGOs/NPOs.
Same is the case for institutes which manage / train careers for people.
Also we treat celebrities as Non NGOs

Corporates must be registered in the country where it wants to get visibility.
There are Corporates which have headquarters in one country but they have offices in many countries. (In such cases, they are registered in that country with the central government office).
We cant share names of Corporates in countries where it is not registered.


We have a new concept of stock exchanges for social & health issues and plan to start and promote it from 28.8.2018.
We share social & health issues in India districtwise in related fora but share them countrywise in countries other than India