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Social & developmental issues Countries, oceans Thane, Global example India an example country Enhance your image globally 
Social programmes of governments, corporates, NGOs, FAs .... in any country are shared free by CSRidentity.com

Programmes of all stakeholders are free.

Any NGO / for profit or government from any country can share 7 lines of social programmes free.

The 1st line will be your name & project name (We value brand)

The last line will be your contact phone number (No emails because any one sends you email, only those interested in giving donation or volunteering want to know more and they will call you or send SMS. Its your phone number and not our contact number because you can answer any query related to credibility, your programme location, challenges ... and we cant know all the answers to queries.

5 lines in between your name & your address will be project brief or link for more coverage.

In the subject mention social issue and country.

In India, mention district where we should share this info. Mail to Datacentre
We share links to several thousand pages with stakeholder category in BOLD. We know that just names of countries , India , India's 710 districts, United Nations and how to measure CSR are too long and have shared it later on this page.

Send a mail to Datacentre

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