Reputation : Good or bad, everyone has reputation
Reputation or brand enhancement tool
Visibility for corporates
Visibility for NGOs
Visibility for Funding agencies
Visibility for media

Positive reputation of all stakeholders is the key for all whether one is a corporate or an ngo or a funding agency or a celebrity or a medium of any type or .... and in case of corporates, we are not just talking about CSR department heads or just communication head but all department heads, the CEO, the board ...

Institutions managed individually which have political connections or institutions which have competing corporates / NGOs / celebrities etc. may have challenges from competing political parties or competitors but that wont stop any institution from being good.

We will share guidelines on what is reputation and how an institution can be reputed. We will also take views of multiple stakeholders on reputation of programmes, reputation of institution or just reputation which not only covers programmes or institution but also covers an institutions services or products..

We respect institutions which enhance their own reputation.

We can share the top banner of various folders like the reputation folder or the reputation of programmes or reputation of institution or any issue forum or any country forum, special fora on vision , mission, purpose... or the Global compact, GRI, United Nations, UNDP, WHO, World Bank folders .....

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