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Project sharing

CSRidentity.com shares projects / programmes you are associated with.
1) These projects can be funded by you if you are a corporate, a funding agency, a phialnthropist, a donor....
2) These projects can be funded by your clients if you are an advertising agency or a PR agency or an agency which shares information of others
3) These projects can be implemented by you if you are an NGO / NPO / government agency or politicians... the sharing may get you known to more people, you may get more funding or you may get more volunteers
4) The email can be any seminar, conference, webcast held & organised outside India (because we plan to do similar thinngs in India and it should not dilute brand)

CSRidentity.com shares it in following formats
1) In India, we share it with 500 corporates, 5000 NGOs, 50 Funding agencies, 500 media offices
2) In India, we share it with 5000 NGOs
2) We can send it to 1000 corporates in 30 countries in the world (This starts soon)
3) We can send it to corporates only in your country

Please note that we do not share
1) Awards
2) Anything illegal in your country or illegal as per our website ethics
3) Anything which relates to products which have tobacco content in it
4) Any activist, erotic or porno emails

If you want to share any email with any of the above 4 (mentioned in the beginning), send an mail to Datacentre.





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