Services about NGOs / NPOs Services to NGOs / NPOs
1) Address of an NGO named .......... in any part of the world
We charge Rs 100/- or USD 2
The entire money is a donation for MBA Foundation
Donate to Developed Nation Network Trust

2) Credible NGO to partner in .........(name of the area)
We charge Rs 5000/- or USD 100
We will try and give NGO / NPO in that area with specific issue. But if we cant get the right issue, we will give you credible NGO details and you can communicate with them to know who works in the issue you are interested in, in that area.
Rs 2500/- USD 50 are for our research service
Pay to CSR Consulting Pvt LTd.
Rs 2500/- or USD 50 is for developmental activities in Kokanipada
Donate to Developed Nation Network Trust

3) Brand enhancement of the NGO within any specific country.
The country can be where the NGO / NPO is registered or
it can be any country in the world from like Japan, China, USA, UK...
We charge Rs 11500/- or USD 200
Pay to CSR Consulting Pvt LTd.

4) Brand enhancement of the NGO globally
We charge Rs 34500/- or USD 575
Pay to CSR Consulting Pvt LTd.

Annual reports
Legal compliances
Social autit
Credit rating


How the world will know your identity
The world is keen to know the good NGOs because
- corporates, funding agencies, philanthropists, celebrities, Non residents born in that region but now stay in other country want to financially partner with them
- individuals want to donate to communities through NGOs/NPOs
- individuals & corporates want to volunteer with the NGO/NPO
Many times, they may or may not know the NGO/NPO. It is therefore important for the NGO/NPO are share their profile, the board & team, the programmes they have for communities, their volunteering opportunities and most importantly their funding proposals so that they can take care of more community members.
We share the same in one page but in case of volunteering and funding proposal give link to it from the relevant subissues. (This is based on our research because we now know that donors are clear on their focus. e.g. a donor want to invest in education as an issue but is clear that the focus is rural education or adult education or volunteers want to sing a song to disabled or differently abled citizens