Our vision : Universal development
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Individuals & institutions should always take care of their reputation and enhance their reputation, so that the world respects them more.
Fees & period

Comprehensive profile of an institution or individual philanthropist or individual celebrity.
The institution can be central government, state government, district government, corporate, NGO/NPO, Funding agency, media, social business, social enterprise.....

In case of individuals the profile should be provided either by individual or her / his office & in case of institution, the profile should be prodivided by relevant competent authority.

In case of institutions, the profile should cover philanthropic activities or business processes which help the world, the climate change initiatives as well as the volunteering opportunities (in case of NGOs/NPOs) or employee volunteering (in case of corporates one can mention the employee volunteering without the name of the NGO or without the name of the agency with which they volunteer because it sort of diversts the attention of the reader)

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