Our vision : Universal development
Social & developmental issues Countries, oceans Thane, Global example India an example country Enhance your image globally 
Identity banks : Its a group of knowledge banks. The Identity banks will be different banks for corporates, NGOs, FAs, Philanthropists, Police, Political parties

Its not good way to escape responsibility by using the term traditional CSR term. Afterall, every individual & institution is responsible.
After 28.08.2013, we kept the CSR short form same but started calling it as Conscience, Sustainability & Reputation, which goes bacnk to the earlier statement that all individuals & institutions are responsible.
Knowledge Bank is for highly literate, literate, non literates and one doest have to go to school / college. Its life experiences and these life experiences are shared to students in schools / colleges as examples or stories.

We know that the needs of corporates are different from NGOs or are different from Government or political parties.
Each individual & institution has their identity and the purpose of the Knowledge Bank is to offer IDENTITY lessons by experienced people as well as professionals.
And no individual or institution is expert on all issues and industries and stakeholder groups. So we will do it by interviewing them and sharing their thoughts .

And again, this is a free bank

Funding agencies
Advertising agency
PR agency
Political parties

Banks to start soon
All Individuals
All Institutions
Individuals can be
New alphabetical list
Activists, Artists, researchers,
Social workers, Speakers,
Any type of celebrities like Academic, Activist, Architect, Art, Business, Comedy, Dance, Developmental, Drama, Engineer, Environment, Fashion, Film,
Film producers or directors (experienced or budding), Film writers, Fine arts, Food,
Health, History, Journalism,
Law, Literature, Media, Music, Photography, Police,
Political, Religion, Royalty,
Science, Singing, Sports,
Business associations
Consultants - CSR
Consultants - Development
Foreign Embassies/consulates
Industry associations
Lions clubs
Rotary clubs
Research agencies
Social businesses
Social entrepreneurs
Sports clubs

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