Our vision : Universal development
Social & developmental issues Countries, oceans Thane, Global example India an example country Enhance your image globally 
How you can benefit

All the visitors will have access to
the statistical information on countries
the statistical information on issuewise social & developmental programmes
1,00000 NGO addresses across the world this year.


Philanthropists, Scientists
Brief profiles of 1000 philanthropists and 300 scientists from the world.
We know that the scientists need not dont give funds to NGOs or communities.
But appreciate that their work on scientific development is critical for the universe.
Some may use their items for wrong purpose (e.g. atom bomb) but the support of science and scientiests is crucial for mankind, infact the entire universe.

We plan to take minimum 2500 interviews, which share local, countrywise, regional or global issue challenges or CSR challenges or country challenges.
We plan country wise interviews (1500 from India)



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