Our vision : Universal development
Social & developmental issues Countries, oceans Thane, Global example India an example country Enhance your image globally 
We have great respect for organisations which work for others on social & developmental issues (cancer, senior citizens etc.).
If these organisations have a helpline number on which people from their country can call free, we will promote free the number and the issue and not the name of the organisation.

If the organisation wants global visibility, then they can take our service of global image enhancement.
This is because the organisation may be offering other services.
And even if the organisation just offers helpline service, they have basic costs like space, human power (many call it as manpower), electricity .... and we have to take care of our costs on similar issues plus global research, webspace, internet, promotion costs... so to take care of our sustainability costs, they pay the very nominal fee of global image enhancement.

From 28.06.2016, we will stat sharing the helpline numbers in India and by 28.8.2016, we plan to share helpline numbers free in at least 100 countries and then onwards, it is a constant process. These will be issuewise.

For communication, just send a mail to Sanjay


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