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Give Birthday Gift

Birthday : Its the day when you were born. Assume its a Gift to the Earth given by your Parents.

On your Birthday, gift Rs 3650/- to an NGO or community.
Rs 3650/- came from the fact that a year has 365 days, so it can be Rs 365/- or Rs 3650/- or Rs 36500/-
Of course the financial currency is different in countries and one can give equivalent amount .....

Whether you are a Christian and celebrate Christmas, Hindu and celebrate Diwali, Muslim and celebrate Id or of any religion (including the religion of Truth which our founder believes is his religion), it is likely that you, your family, friends, colleagues celebrate your Birthday. Its an easy day or date you remember.

Worldover, there are people who observe charity days (in India, new festival, Daan Utsav was started by Venkat) but that day or week may not be suitable for someone may be because it clashes with exam period of students or holiday period of schools where one goes out of location for a trip or whatever ....

Our founder told Venkat that he should start Daan Utsav in all countries and we will promote the concept.
But his priority is India.

So on 6th October 2018, when our founder was with Rohan to get a Japanese Cake for his second son Aum who likes it very much, he thought that instead of celebrating it on a given day which may not suit people across the world, he should start something which many people in this world anyway celebrate. And this is their birthday (January 1 is celebrated worldover as the first day of the year but some religions have their own first day of the year. But birthday is just one day and you may celebrate it as per English calendar or your religion calendar).

So he started thinking of the name.
He thought that Birthday Gift should be the first two words.
Say Birthday Gift Give or Birthday Gift donate ..

But the idea came from the thought of Venkat's idea of DaanUtsav.
And Venkat started Give India much before Daan Utsav.
So our founder who worked in Advertising & PR started thinking.

His first thought was Birthday Give Gift
But his advertising mind thought this was sort of a sentence and not good advertising.
Then he thought of Give Birthday Gift.
And he thought it may be simple but it was clear and good.
And everyone can understand it.

Plus it starts with Give, which Venkat started.
So its important that we recognise the origin first.

So finally, our founder has confirmed that the name is Give Birthday Gift.
And we started the idea from 13th October which is founder's wife Rohini's birthday.
Actually, 13th October was the day when Video conferencing to Municipal schools was planned for Hindustan Unilever's Lifebuoy. And it is good for child health. But Municipal Authorities told us on 5th October that they have to give that time for Disaster Management Session with BMC Schools and we can do our Video conferencing on 27th October.

On 13th October, we thought we can give it to Tribal school in Kokanipada or Bhinar, but then we thought the gift should be such that billions can give. So we finally decided to give the amount to Late Wamanrao Oka Raktapedhi, a blood bank which is scientific blood bank.

On 13th October, Rohini thought that alongwith money, she should donate 1 bottle of blood.
Founder thought this was far deeper than his thought of just giving money.
When she went to the Blood Bank, she was tested for Hemoglobin level and she was told that it was slightly less than what the blood bank accepts (This is why we say Late Wamanrao Oka Raktapedhi is scientific and for them knowing someone, caste, religion, economic level are not considered because blood is blood).

When founder went to take her out for lunch, she said the donor is changed. Founder thought it was a joke because he thought she meant that from non blood donor category, she has moved to blood donor category. Then she shared the scientific things and then she told the blood bank to take Blood of her son Aum, which he was happy to donate.

So one can give Rs 3650 or equivalent amount in their currency or less or more amount and alongwith that if one donates blood, it will be far far important.

While our founder was born on 8th August, he has started celebrating 28th August as his new birthday because he was reborn on that day (Not medically reborn but he survived an almost fatal accident on that day), so he can observe 8 & 28 August. So he will give it on two days. Interestingly 2 coincides with his concept of 2% time & 2% money to this world or universe. And 2 numeric in 28 is just before 8 which is his birthdate, so again 2 is critical.

But 2 can be a numbers game. Like founder plays game with number 8. He says he was born on 8.8.1962 and 6 + 2 is 8 and he was born at 8.35 which means 8 and 3 = 5 = 8 nad a week has 7 days, so he has passed the number of days of week by 1 .... one can do various numerical games but

the fact remains that he requests people to give 2% time and 2% money to charity. The world can then be a good place to Live and Leave.





What you get as a Return Gift

Today, during parties when one gives a gift, she / he / transgender gets a return Gift.
Earlier, people used to ask,"Why are return gift ?" but now it is sort of a tradition.

So without applying our mind, we tend to give return gift. But to return gift needs money and we cant give money to billions of people in various countries.

So, if you really donate Rs 3650 or its equivalent in your country currency, what return gift CSRidentity.com can give you ??

Within a second, we decided that what we can give is share the name of the person who has given money to Developed Nation Netowrk Trust on the relevant calendar date. Developed Nation Netowrk Trust is our NGO and this entire money will be used for Thane district, which is our global example of development. And Developed Nation Network Trust has FCRA as well as 80 G, so one can donate funds from anywhere in the world. And done online so that you become climate positive by not using paper - cheque and courier needs paper - which indirectly means cutting trees.

Of course, we respect your right and you can give Re 1 or cent 1 or any amount in your currency by cash or by cheque or through bank transfer to whichever NGO / NPO that you are part of or you want to be part of or to poor or to your government or religious location or political party, donate on your birthday.

We can not put your name on the calendar date if you dont give it for Development of Thane but the entire world needs to Develop and that is why we put the name Developed Nation Network Trust to our NGO becuase we want all nations to be Developed Nations not just economic development but overall development.

And again
whether you give money to us or to any chairty in the world, as a return gift you get SATISFACTION which is invaluable gift.