Our vision : Universal development. Our mission : Be sustainable, promote others We plan to share social & health issues in all countries

Free integration

He is one great teacher of CSRidentity.com founder Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat who teaches that Integration is the master key.

Much more than just free integration
Agreed that integration is the master key.
But what is important is how to where to use the master key.
We also know that people have limited time and in today's world, they want fast things.
That is why they prefer if they can get a search engine and this is not just Google but search engine to know how much time it will take to go to the desired destination, where is traffic .......... so what was simple in 1900 ir far tough in 2018 and it can be more complicated in 3000

Here is how NGOs, Doctors, Hospitals, Corporates, Funding agencies from any country will benefit
We not only share all official websites of NGOs, corporates, funding agencies, hospitals, doctors (only names) free countrywise as well as Districtwise in India folders
On the index page of social issues we share NGOs which have received financial support from a well recognised funding agency for 3 years free.
(The number of NGOs will be 100 in case of social issue folders which are only India specific and 196 in case of social issues folders which are countrywise social issues (where we share only index page because then each social issue will be shared on the related country)
Same number procedure is adopted for heatlh issues where instead of NGOs, we share doctors and hopitals.
Doctors, hospitals, medicines are health satisfaction stocks.

What about Ad / PR agency, Media, Research organisations, Consultants ....
If any of them physically works on social or health issues, then we will surely put them on the related country or district page of related social or health issue.
But if they dont work on any social or health issue, but see an opportunity to do their advertising or PR or media sees an opportunity to interview them or ask them to write in their media or researchers see an opportunity to know the reality from them or sonsultant can see an opportunity to consult them .... then they can go to the official websites which we will share free and contact them for further details