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We encourage you to send the fees by bank transfer.

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Use of paper (cheque/DD plus letter plus envelope) indirectly results in cutting of trees, which is what we want every citizen to avoid.

Volunteering by corporates

It is important that every human being volunteers for other humans, nature and universe.
We agree that poor or people in bad economic condition are working all the time in earning money so that they can take care of the family, invest time in ensuring good education for the next generation ... sure, in such a case they might not spend time in volunteering. But we are of clear view that even they can volunteer in ensuring that they care for climate
, or helping neighbours (of course neighbours must be socially good & financially non corrupt people) or really needy people or senior citizens or disabled citizens...

So volunteering is critical for human existance, whether you are rich or poor.

We agree that if someone works for an institution, then either the working hours are more than 8 hours or they invest a lot of time in travelling, (if they work in an MNC or at higher positon then they invest more time in working as well as travelling).

In India (our service team is based in India), we facilitate volunteering by Institutions like corporates.

It can be sharing time and core competency where our team helped Mastek volunteers with NGOs where they not only shared time with communities but also helped them with their management & IT skills.

It can be just a global volunteering day like what our team did for Citi Global Community Day across the country, or for Hindustan Unilever Ltd. where our team facilitated employee volunteering across the country and presently do it in Mumbai where everyone right from the Chairman, CEO to every employee in Mumbai invests time with children on 15th October which is Global Handwash Day (Of course the actual volunteering may be on 15th October or ealier or later because everyone cares for school student exam & vacation time)
or Tata Power where our team facilitated the employees who went in absolute rural area helping the rural school children on health, cleaning and safety.

It can be volunteering for a few months like in Vodafone, India, where different employees volunteered on Friday in 20 plus districts with municipal schools or NGOs. In schools where Urdu is a medium, then the time & sometimes day can be different based on discussions with the principal of the school or the NGO.

It helps us in several ways. First, our team is happy to introduce people who are interested in people / children / communities / institutions like NGOs ... It helps us in understanding the corporate better and the funds we receive supports our global research on countries and issues.

We started in 2014 a special programme where volunteers just dont volunteer for one day but volunteer for a period of 21 days (not 21 days literally but for a period of 21 days; say on four fridays e.g. if the first Friday falls on the 1st day of the month, then 1, 8, 15, 22 dates of the month which means 21 days period) because the compnay officials feal that if one does it for 21 days in a row then people are likely to change a habit & in this particular case, move to a much better health habit. e.g. we did a 21 days volunteering programme where we took feedback of parents of municipal school children and they shared the change.

From 2015, we now have a special service on such programmes because first the corporates must have good products and simultaneously their employees should volunteer.

We give Employee volunteering service to corporates.
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