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Project documentation

CSRidentity.com has started doing documentation of projects / programmes / for profit or not for profit organisations.
These documentations will be about the project an organisation is doing or is supporting or it can be a village which the organisation or individual supports (and want others to partner with them in supporting that village), it can be village which individuals or institutions adopt.

The documentation will cover
1) 3 minutes video (in about 500 districts of India)
2) 10 pages documentation (documentation which shares about the organisation, about various projects it does directly or with support, list of corporates or funding agencies or philanthropists or individuals or political parties or governments which support the project, employee volunteering you are doing (ir you are a corporate) or volunteering requirements, funding proposal if you are an Ngo / NPO / corporate / funding agency, philanthropist....)

If you want to share your project / organisation, just click here.

Please note do documentation of
1) Awards
2) seminars, conferences, webcasts
3) Anything illegal in your country or illegal as per our website ethics
4) Anything which relates to products which have tobacco content in it
5) Any activist, erotic or porno emails

If you want to do any documentation, send an mail to Datacentre.





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