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677 Districts of India

For 707 districts of India, we share following information.
Brief information of the district
Addresses of MP, collector (If there is an MP or collector in the district)
Doctors, Hospitals, Blood banks
Religious locations, Historical locations
Famous natives in the district (Living and non living individuals)
We have plans to share the Rotary clubs, Lions clubs, Giants clubs, Sports clubs districtwise.
Shopping mall covers NGOs which offer services or products for a cost to others. The said NGO has to share our sustainablity fee of Rs 1000/- and this money can be a donation to our NGO, Developed Nation Network Trust.

How can one sponsor the district or place banner on any district ?
Any national / state / district bank or any institution is welcome to support our efforts to take interviews of MP, Collector, Key people or NGOs working in the district. (Total interviews can range from 1 to even 25).
The above information will be promoted to global visitors and with the help of the sponsor, we can promote it to NRIs from the concerned district.

All the above (except shopping mall) can be accesible free to visitors if we get support from the sponsor.

The institution can take top banner on each page of the district or can take any of the 5 banners at the bottom of each page within the district. (5 variations)

For communication, just send a mail to Sanjay

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