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CSR Consulting

CSR in Business Processes, people & planet policy ....
People across the world expect corporates to have social responsibility.
Some corporates wait for profit generation before they invest in social responsibility. We appreciate this but we do not agree this thought. Sure corporates are born to make profits, but just like we are born as individual humans, we must consciously think in investing in humans, nature and universe. Then, social responsibility becomes our nature and our responsibility. Like how we pay tax to country government as part of our legal responsibility, we must now think that investing in development of people and nature is our natural responsibility.

If corporates think that they can do "anything" from day one to generate profits and equate social responsibility to taxation burden, it is wrong thinking.

People who start corporates must invest time in managing them. They must ensure that every business process of making the products or serving minds of customers as consultants must be done with human and nature care. They must ensure in stakeholder management (e.g. suppliers whose ancillary products are an integrated part of product that they make, employee engagement, women participation in manufacturing and management, extended producer sresponsibility...), people & planet policy, regulations & compliances, environment, reporting , stakeholder dialogue, systems & indices, signatory issues ... Then, the product / service will automatically be good and social responsibilty adds value to you.

If a corporate just has good social responsibilty but does not care for how to make the product or add service, it does not help in the long run.

We give CSR Consulting to corporates.

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