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Sponsor country information

Who can support ?
Any individual, corporate, funding agency, philanthropist, celebrity, NGO can financially support us in sharing country information.

Period of support ?
1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018

How the sponsor benefits
Banner of the sponsor (1004 px width x 104 px height) at the bottom of page of sponsored country in all social issues covered in CSRidentity.com as well as bottom part of the page sharing news, seminars, conferences, webcasts, workshops, research annoucements, training programmes related to the issue.

Banner of the sponsor (1004 px width x 104 px height) will be on top of one page of sponsored country in following categories

  • National flag / anthem / currency/ capital / time / weather / official languages / geographical coordinates / location in the world
  • Country government at central level, PM/President's views on development on say government site or youtube ..
  • Country related social news (it can be of corporate, NGO, UN / funding agency / government)
  • Names of corporates in the country
  • Names of funding agencies in the country
  • Names of philanthropists in the country
  • Names of NGOs in the country
  • Names of media (newspapers) in the country
  • Name of country political parties (Names, Foundation years, if available their websites), country police headquarters
  • Country rivers (At least 1river, if their is no river, then nallahs or water sources)
  • Foreign embassies in the country
  • Names of blood banks with there phone numbers and address
  • Names of helplines with there phone numbers and address
  • Names of United Nations, UNDP, WHO & World Bank offices and if available their addresses including phone / fax number
  • Names of religious locations, historical locations, locations you should know

Wherever possible the page in folders related to

  • Names of consultants, business consultants, CSR consultants, development consultants, research agencies
  • Names of ad agencies, PR agencies
  • Names of scientists
  • Names of lawyers (at least 10 lawyers), law firms (at least 1 law firm)
  • Names of Rotary, Lions, Sports, Community, cultural clubs
  • Names of Business associations, Development associations, Industry associations
  • Status / challenges in 2020, 2030 & 2050 (2030 is the year of sustainable development goals by UN)
  • Names of Social work, MBA, medical & law universities
  • Names of CSR people (CSR, corp com, media handling people in companies), top management of NGOs (Trustees, Founders, CEO) & social workers - in each, we will just share the name & not the corporate / funding agency / NGO with which one works. If anyone wants link to it from any outside page, we will charge $10 in India and $20 outside India and all the money received will go to the 5 places we support ( )
  • Names of Academic celebrities, Activist celebrities, Administration celebrities, Architect celebrities, Art celebrities, Business celebrities, Comedy celebrities, Dance celebrities, Developmental celebrities, Drama celebrities, Engineer celebrities, Environment celebrities , Fashion celebrities, Film celebrities, Fine art celebrities, Food celebrities, Health celebrities, History celebrities, Journalism celebrities, Law celebrities, Literature celebrities, Media celebrities, Music celebrities, Peace celebrities, Photography celebrities, Police celebrities, Political celebrities, Religion celebrities, Royalty celebrities, Science celebrities, Singing celebrities, Sports celebrities, Television celebrities, Film celebrities (experienced producers / directors), Film celebrities (Budding producers / directors), Film celebrities - film writers
  • Names of Famous people, people to know, common greats
  • Names of ecotourism locations, experiential tourism locations, beach tourism locations (these provide livelihood opportunities to locals)
  • Government schemes for citizens on that country.
  • In case of corporates, the only thing our edtorial will see for corporates is what they produce / manufacture / market cigarettes or any toacco products, any form of liquor, ny form of addictives... in specific cases, we may have objections and these will be shared soon

Cost ?
The cost varies countrywise.
The costs will be different country wise and in case you want to sponsor any space of banner just send a mail to Sanjay
Please understand that this cost is going towards research on related countries plus countries which are not sponsored.
Substantial part of the cost is towards promotion in various countries to corporates, NGOs, funding agencies, philanthropists, consultants, researchers, media, celebrities .. foreign embassies of and in various countries.
Little (but important) cost goes towards our own sustainability.

Why costs ?
The sponsorship is for 3 clear things
1) The costs are invested in research towards the country.
2) To costs help us promote the related country.
3 ) To take care of our own sustainability.

The country forum is supported by just one institution.
(whether corporate or funding agency or celebrity or media or just any individual or institution)
In most of the cases, their banner is on top of the country page but on social issues, there banner is at the bottom of related country pages.

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