Our vision : Universal development. Our mission : Be sustainable, promote others We plan to share social & health issues in all countries
500 corporates, 100 NGOs, 50 Funding agencies, 188 persons or families who have taken giving pledge, 50 media, 25 in each celebrity type

CSRidentity.com has been doing a global research on Sustainability, Reputation, Philanthropy, Social issues, Health issues ....

From now to 31.3.2020, we plan to share
In the corporate folder, we not only share pages for each branch and leaf of our version of Sustainability & reputation tree, but many more things like
- how some big corporates derive their name from people's names
- one page for each of the Global Fortune 500 companies with links to various pages on the official websites with a small research element of how they look at sustainability beyond philanthropy (which justifies our belief that CSR is far far deeper and larger than Corporate Social Responsibility)
- one page each for 2 companies each from not just 193 UN member countries and 2 SARs but for Thane district in India, which is our Global Example
- some 50 to 100 small scale companies from India which are doing philanthropy (yes, philanthropy as their belief or as their Corporate Social Responsibility)

188 odd people or families who have taken Giving Pledge started by Bill & Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet.
100 big NGOs which are working with large number of communities
100 Funding agencies which are financing NGOs who are doing great climate work
50 governments which have great government schemes on any social issue which needs to be learnt and replicated
50 media houses which do philanthropy or cover philanthropy as one of the key part of their publication
25 celebrities from each celebrity type not on their celebrity status but how they are investing money with communities or people from their own field ..
25 ad agencies which have won social issue related prizes
25 PR agencies which are doing something for social & health issues or helping someone simple but wants to do unique thing
6 Social issue colleges (1 from India)
6 MBA colleges (1 from India)
6 Law colleges (1 from India and we will give them a case study from Thane)
6 Medical colleges (1 from India)
25 climate change experts who are doing something which is so critical that every individual & organisation need to at least partly do what they say

Our contact : Datacentre
Let us be clear that any media or social sites can replicate any of the above free and the permission for all media across the world is not at all required to copy the content.