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Senior Citizens programmes Senior Citizens : Funding proposals by various stakeholders

Adani Foundation

Health Card to senior citizen: This initiative has been undertaken as a pilot project for three years. Senior citizens themselves as well as the community they live in usually perceive them as “unproductive lot”. This makes them a marginalized group. Moreover, the younger members of the family in Kutch area generally migrate to cities to earn a living and the senior members of the family are left behind alone in the rural areas. The Foundation has undertaken this initiative to address the needs of the section of society – senior citizens - who are usually ignored by the rest. They face difficulty in treatment for want of financial, social and moral support.To help the senior citizens with their health care requirements and seek timely help, a special service has been initiated. After conducting a routine health check up, a health card is issued to the senior citizens. Whenever they are in need of medical treatment they can access cashless treatment in any of the 14 empanelled hospitals up to the extent of Rs. 75,000 over a period of 3 years. If treatment is obtained in any other hospital, the hospital expenses are reimbursed to the extent of Rs. 75,000. Special outreach services are provided by organising medical camps. Special provision is made for the sick and infirm so that they can reach the health camp. If, in spite of such services the patients are unable to reach the camp, a medically equipped team provides services at their home.


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Agewell Foundation

Agewell Helpline for Older Persons
Agewell Foundation aims to disabuse the popular mind-set that regards old age with a sense of pity for their helplessness. Replacing it with an attitude of confidence, fostering respect for them and encouraging fortitude in them. And bringing a little certainty, even fun into their lives. A network of thousands of volunteers is already at work in given areas. They are constantly alert to attend, to matters of medical or emotional nature, affairs to do with security as well as legal and financial advice. They are spread across 640 districts of India so that no cry for help goes unanswered.

Agewell Family Membership
Agewell Family Membership(For Old People Who Live Alone )
Agewell registers old people who live alone and welcomes them into its fold of warmth and caring. Having tied up with leading doctors, hospital services, security agencies, trained counsellors, legal and financial wizards, personnel managers, and trained attendants, Agewell offers exclusive services at a nominal price. For the members, a trained counselor pays routine visits every week. Round the clock he is only a phone call away and may be called upon at any time to act as an escort, do their running around or simply cheer them up.

The foundation has a team of trained counselors who work as companions and look after the requirements of these Older Persons.

Dharohar Scheme (WILL Safekeeping)
Every one must write his/her Will so that his/her dependants, relatives, friends or any other close could avail legacy (inheritance benefits).
This is advisable by the law. This is also the law of nature. Inheritance when distributed by the owner to inheritor, not only gives immense satisfaction to the lawful owner it also leads to a harmonious and peaceful life for the inheritors.

At Agewell Helpline we are constantly asked to keep their Will in safe custody. So far we have only advised old people to write their will, but now Agewell has started an innovative scheme to extend a helping hand to old people in the name of Dharohar – Keep Your WILL in Safe Custody”.

To help older persons to live in a peaceful & harmonious environment in Old Age, the Foundation has launched a new scheme, “Dharohar”, for safe-keeping of will documents for Older Persons.

Spread the Warmth
For underprivileged & elderly people in Delhi & NCR
While working for the welfare of older persons, volunteers at Agewell Foundation reported that every year thousands of old, destitute and poor people die of the cold. On the other hand, most of us let our old woolens lie in cupboards and suitcases, unused. Keeping in view of severe cold conditions in northern parts of India, Agewell decided to set off a campaign “Spread the Warmth” for underprivileged & elderly people.

Agewell Foundation ensures no destitute old person is deprived of warmth during winters. Agewell collects old/used woolens and other relief material from across Delhi & NCR by setting up collection points at various market, community and public places. Agewell volunteers distribute the collected woolens amongst old & needy older persons. The campaign is in its fourth year now.
Over 5,00,000 destitute and old people spread across Delhi-NCR have benefitted through the campaign so far.

Police Personnel Sensitization & Training towards older persons
Agewell Foundation has undertaken a Sensitization and Training program for Delhi Police personnel about needs & rights of older people in collaboration with Delhi Police. The foundation has organized Sensitization and Training program at various police stations of Delhi.

Agewell Handicraft Unit
Agewell Foundation has initiated a project for Skill Development Training and Empowerment of Old People.

Proposed Programs
Destination Pilgrimage for Older Persons
A Project to promote pilgrimage tourism amongst older persons across the country.

To pre-identify the older persons wanting to go on pilgrimage and provide them necess


More programmes of various stakeholders are accessible to content members.


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