Seminars on CSR, social issues, environment, climate change, marine life, wild life, rural development, nation building, universal development.

We share seminars related to CSR, social issues, envionment, climate change, animals, marine life, wild life, universal development.

In our global example country India, we send email of 500 words about the seminar.
In other countries, we share seminar titile, date, time, fees, speakers and the seminars are shared datewise..

For seminars in India, seminar organisors will send us a mail, and based on that we will just share seminars in the month of September 2017 or October 2017 or month name are available with us in India and send a mail to Datacentre to receive details.

Just send a mail to Datacentre sharing the following
1) If you want to receive email about the seminars
2) If you want to share the seminar you are organising.



You can contact us on

Global example : Thane
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