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International Development Research Centre (IDRC)

Science and Innovation
Leveraging Science and Innovation for Development

Science, technology, and innovation (STI) can drive economic growth, help solve social and environmental problems, and reduce poverty.

All countries need to develop the capacity to produce and use science and technology themselves, and adapt knowledge to their needs and contexts.

Societies also need to understand both the benefits and risks of emerging technologies, such as digital ones, in order to maximize their benefits.

IDRC’s Science and Innovation program supports research and capacity building to help developing countries produce, adapt, and use STI for development.

Along with gender, key cross-cutting themes within the program are intellectual property rights, science granting councils, and inclusiveness.


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Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd.

Ranbaxy Science Foundation
With the mission of giving an impetus to research and development in India, we incorporated Ranbaxy Research Foundation in 1985. In May 1994, it was re-christened Ranbaxy Science Foundation. The Foundation is an independent non-profit organisation registered under the Societies Act. It is dedicated to promoting scientific endeavours in the country by encouraging and rewarding excellence in medical and pharmaceutical sciences and channeling national and international knowledge and expertise in all subjects connected with the treatment of diseases afflicting humanity. The Foundation is currently chaired by Dr. Nitya Anand, an eminent pharmaceutical scientist and Former Director, Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow, India.

The Foundation conducts the following activities:

Honours Indian Scientists for Outstanding Research Work
The Foundation recognises and rewards excellence in original research work in the Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences. These awards are presented annually to Indian scientists working in India and abroad. Every year the Foundation invites nominations for 4 awards – 3 in Medical Sciences (one each in Basic, Medical and Clinical Research) and 1 in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Each award carries a trophy, citation and a cash award of 200,000. So far 130 scientists have been honoured. Ranbaxy Research Awards are today recognised as being among the top-line research awards in India.

Scientific Symposia in Frontline Areas of Research
An annual symposium is organised on topics at the cutting edge of research in the medical sciences. The objective is to share state-of-the-art knowledge in the selected area and its potential application for the benefit of humanity. Eminent scientists from India and abroad are invited to participate in the event.

Round Table Conferences on Topics of National Public Health Concern
A round table conference is organised bi-annually on topics of contemporary concern to human health which pose challenges. The aim of these multidisciplinary conferences is to review the collective experiences of basic scientists, laboratory scientists, epidemiologists, clinicians and public health professionals. At the end of the conference, frontline messages indicating the important areas that need our attention are published as a monograph.

Publication of the Proceedings of the Symposia and Round Table Conferences
The proceedings of the scientific symposia and round table conferences, held every year, are regularly published as a journal. This publication is distributed widely across the globe amongst public health administrators, the medical and scientific community, libraries and institutions of learning.

Foreign Scientists as Visiting Professors
The Foundation invites one outstanding research scientist from abroad every year to work with scientists in Indian laboratories. The objective is sharing of knowledge and expertise with a view to helping research on topics related to health development.

Special Awards for Outstanding Contributions in Public Health
Ranbaxy Science Foundation presents special awards to public health administrators and scientists to recognise their contribution to society in dealing effectively with various challenges in the area of public health.

Ranbaxy Science Scholar Awards for Young Scientists
Ranbaxy Science Scholar Awards are presented to brilliant and upcoming young researchers with the aim of discovering young talent in scientific research. These awards are meant to stimulate young minds to pursue research as a career by soliciting commitment to the cause of future advancement of science. These young scientists are called Ranbaxy Science Scholars. Each award carries a certificate and a cash award of 50,000.


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The 'next Einstein'? She's from Africa
Back in 2008, South African physicist Neil Turok gave a speech in which he declared his wish that the next Einstein would be from Africa.

It was a rallying call for investment in maths and physics research in Africa. The "Next Einstein" slogan became a mission for the organisation Neil Turok had founded to bring Africa into the global scientific community: the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS).

That search for an African Einstein now has some results, with 15 "Next Einstein Fellows" and 54 "Next Einstein Ambassadors" announced
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