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Right to Information (RTI)
Right to Information Act 2005
A Powerful Weapon Against Corruption In Our Society

Do you know why we have been scared to ask for valid and relevant information from our country’s legal and local bodies? Why India scores well below most of the nations like Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, Norway, on the International Corruption Perceptions Index in terms of transparency?

Well the answer to this is very simple.

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Leadership through Education and Action Foundation (LEAF Society)

Governance – Right to Information

1Project on increasing negotiating skills of rural & tribal communities using RTI Act of India.
LEAF Society is implementing a project ‘increasing negotiating skills of rural &tribal communities in accessing their rights, entitlements and demands from various government schemes and social safety nets schemes’ in 25 villages from Namakkal district of Tamilnadu, India. This project covers Rasipuram, Namakkal and Kolli Hills region of Namakkal district of Tamilnadu, India. This project is being supported by Affiliated Network of Social Accountability of South Asia Region, Dhaka for 18 months. The goal of the project is,

Project Objectives
To empower, educate & build capacities of locally vulnerable, marginalized & poor communities from 20 villages of Namakkal district of Tamilnadu, India in claiming, demanding & negotiating their entitlements and rights in Government programmes, social safety nets such as NREGA, NRHM, PDS, SC & ST welfare, Rural Development, road safety and water & Sanitation programmes.
To fight against corruption by increasing the level of understanding of women leaders, youth groups, teachers, children & Panchayat raj institutions members and making them actively participate in the process of ensuring transparency in all Government projects & welfare schemes in 20 village level panchayats of Namakkal district of Tamilnadu through RTI instrument.

To build & be part of Social Accountability networks & alliances for supporting community initiatives & institutions in promoting & strengthening their ‘responsible citizenship’ in Namakkal district of Tamilnadu

Village level RTI awareness programme:
1LEAF Society has commenced its intensive village level RTI awareness programmes in many villages, to increase, the sensitivity and level of awareness among poor, rural & tribal communities on Right to Information act. These campaigns includes various culturally oriented – folk songs, folk dances, street theatre, movies, plays, songs, Power point presentations and other highly relevant and innovative campaign methods. We have developed an exclusive folk team, which were highly skilled and committed towards sensitizing the rural and tribal communities. We have completed village level awareness programme in all villages of Namakkal. We have covered 20 villages under these campaigns.

RTI sensitization programme among Tribal communities:
1LEAF Society has reached the most deserving – vulnerable tribal communities of Kolli Hills from Namakkal district fo Tamilnadu. We have identified the villages, which has limited access by road and no four wheeler could reach the place. These villagers for the first time in their life have listen to such useful campaigns on Right to Information Act of India and we hope, they will make use of RTI act in their life.


More programmes of various stakeholders are accessible to content members.


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