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Welcome to Roots

Importance of CSR Roots
The strength of the organisation, its capacity to grow and its capacity to withstand foreseen and unforseen circumstances depend on how deep, widespread and strong its roots are.

The concept of CSR Tree works exactly on this principle, ensuring that the CSR Roots like ethics, values, transparency, governance ... are strong, are deep rooted and are spread across the organisation.

The concept of CSR Tree suggests that every root, small or big, direct or above the ground is critical to the strength and sustainability of the organisation, just like how every single employee at every level is key to the organisation's sustainability (the reverse it equally true, where even an ordinary employee can damage the reputation of the organisation with her / his unethical behaviour).

In the CSR Roots forum, we will share with you how various organisations are giving importance to their CSR Roots. We will also link articles which indicate adverse effects of companies which did not focus on fundamentals like ethics, governance ...