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Abiaí River
Abobral River
Abunã River
Acangapiranga River
Acará River
Acarai River
Acará-Mirim River
Acaraú River
Acari River
Acariá River
Acauã River
Acre River
Açu River
Açuã River
Açunguí River
Acurauá River
Adelaide River
Água Amarela River
Água Boa do Univini River
Água Branca River
Água Fria River
Água Quente River
Aguapeí River
Aiari River
Aiuruoca River
Ajarani River
Alalaú River
Alambari River
Alcântara River
Alcobaça River
Aldeia Velha River
Alegre River
Almada River
Alonzo River
Alpercatas River
Alto Braço River
Alto Jamari River
Amajari River
Amambaí River
Amanã River
Amandaú River
Amanguijá River
Amapá Grande River
Amapari River
Amazon River
Amônia River
Anajás River
Anamu River
Anapu River
Anari River
Anauá River
Andirá River
Andrade River
Angelim River
Anhanduí River
Anhanduìzinho River
Anhangabaú River
Anotaié River
Antimary River
Antoninha River
Apa River
Apiacá River
Apiai-Guaçu River
Apiai-Mirim River
Apiaú River
Apodi River
Apoquitaua River
Aporé River
Aporema River
Apuaê River
Apuaú River
Apucarama River
Apucaraninha River
Aquidabã River
Aquidauana River
Araçá River
Aracacá River
Aracatiaçu River
Aracatimirim River
Araçuaí River
Araguá River
Araguaia River
Araguari River
Araguari River (Das Velhas River)
Aramá River
Arapari River
Arapiuns River
Arara River
Ararandeua River
Araranguá River
Araraquara River
Araras River
Arari River
Ararirá River
Araticu River
Aratu River
Arauá River
Arauã River
Areias River
Aricanduva River
Arinos River
Aripuanã River
Ariranha River
Arraia River
Arraial Velho River
Arraias do Araguaia River
Arraias River
Arroio Chuí
Arroio Grande
Arroio Guaçu River
Arroio Pelotas
Arrojado River
Arrojo River
Aruã River
Atelchu River
Aterro River
Atibaia River
Atiparaná River
Atuá River
Atucatiquini River
Auaiá-Miçu River
Auari River
Aurá River
Autaz-mirim River
Avecutá River
Axuí River
Azul River
Babilônia River
Bacajá River
Bacajaí River
Bacaxá River
Bacuri River
Badajós River
Baependi River
Bagagem River
Bagé River
Baldum River
Balseira River
Balsinhas River
Banabuiú River
Bananal River
Bandeira River
Bandeirantes do Norte River
Baquiá Preto River
Baquirivu-Guaçu River
Baracuxi River
Barão de Melgaço River
Bararati River
Barauana River
Barauaninha River
Barbado River
Barbaquá River
Barra Grande River
Barra Mansa River
Barra Nova River
Barra Seca River
Barreiro de Baixo River
Barreiro River
Barreiros River
Barro Ouro River
Batalha River
Baú River
Baunilhas River
Bauru River
Beberibe River
Bela Joana River
Belém River
Belo River
Benedito River
Benevente River
Bengala River
Benjamim Constant River
Bento Gomes River
Berlengas River
Bernardo José River
Betume River (Poxim River)
Bezerra River
Biá River
Bicudo River
Biguaçu River
Biritiba-Mirim River
Bituva River
Boa Esperança River
Boa Viagem River
Boa Vista River
Boacica River
Bocaina River
Bodó River
Bom Retiro River
Bom River
Bonito River
Borboleta River
Borrachudo River
Botas River
Boucaraí River
Braço do Norte Direito River
Braço do Norte River
Braço Menor do Rio Araguaia River
Braço Norte do Rio Itaúnas
Braço Norte do Rio São Mateus (Cotaxé River)
Braço Norte Esquerdo River
Braço Sul do Rio Itaúnas
Braço Sul do Rio São Mateus (Cricaré River)
Bracuí River
Branco ou Cabixi River
Branco River
Branquinho River
Brejo Grande River
Breu River
Brigida River
Brilhante River
Brioso River
Brumado River
Bugre River
Bulha River
Buquira River
Buranhém River
Buricá River
Buriti River
Buriticupu River
Burro Branco River
Butiá River
Caá-Iari River
Caatinga River
Cabaçal River
Cabixi River
Cabuçu de Cima River (Guapira River)
Cabuçu River
Caçador Grande River
Cacequi River
Caceribu River
Cachimbau River
Cachoeira Grande River
Cachoeira River
Cachoeira River (Do Engenho River)
Cachoeirinha River
Cachorro River
Cadeia River
Caeté River
Cafuini River
Cafundó River
Cágado River
Caí River
Caiapó River
Caiapozinho River
Cairari River
Cais River
Caiuá River
Cajari River
Cajàzeira River
Caju River
Cajupiranga River
Calabouço River
Calçado River
Calçoene River
Caldas River
Camaipi River do Maracá River
Camaipi River do Vila Nova River
Camaiú River
Camanaú River
Camanducaia River
Camaoi River
Camaquã River
Camaragibe River
Camaraipe River
Camararé River
Camarazinho River
Camboriú River
Camburu River
Camisas River
Campista River
Campo Alegre River
Campo Belo River
Campo Novo do Sul River
Campo Real River
Campos Novos River
Cana Brava River
Canã River
Canaticú River
Candeias River
Cangati River
Canindé River
Canoas River
Canoinhas River
Cantarinho River
Canto River
Cantú River
Canumã River
Capanema River
Capão Grande River
Capetinga River
Capiá River
Capibaribe River
Capim River
Capitão Cardoso River
Capivara River
Capivaras River
Capivari River
Capricórnio River
Capucapu River
Carabinani River
Caracol River
Caracu River
Caraíba de Dentro River
Caraíba de Fora River
Caraíva River
Carajá River
Carajarí River
Carangola River
Carantuva River
Caravelas River
Carecuru River
Cariaçã River
Carinhanha River
Carioca River
Caripi River
Caripunás River
Cariús River
Carnaúba River
Caroaebe River
Carreiro River
Caru River
Carucango River
Cassanje River
Cassiporé River
Castelo River
Catete River
Cati River
Catolé Grande River
Catrimani River
Catu River
Catundó River
Cauaburi River
Cauamé River
Cauaruau River
Caurés River
Cautário River
Caveiras River
Cavernoso River
Caxambu River
Caxias River
Caxitoré River
Caxixa River
Ceará-Mirim River
Cerquinha River
Chalana River
Chambuiaco River
Chandless River
Chapecó River
Chapecozinho River
Chiché River
Chopim River
Choró River
Cinco Voltas River
Cipó River
Ciriquiri River
Citaré River
Claro River
Coari River
Codòzinho River
Coimim River
Coitinho River
Colindó River
Colônia River
Colorado River
Comandaí River
Combate River
Comemoração River
Comprido River
Conceição River
Congonhas River
Contendas River
Copatana River
Coraci River
Corda River
Coreaú River
Corrente River
Correntes River
Corumbá River
Corumbataí River
Corumbiara River
Coruripe River
Cotegipe River
Coti River
Cotia River
Cotingo River
Cotinguiba River
Couto de Magalhães River
Coxá River
Coxim River
Coxipó River
Crauari River
Crepori River
Cricou River
Cristalino River
Crixás Açu River
Crixás Mirim River
Crixás River
Cruxati River
Cubatão River
Cubatãozinho River
Cubate River
Cuc River
Cuiabá River
Cuiari River
Cuiaté River
Cuieiras River
Cuini River
Culari River
Culuene River
Cumbuco River
Cuminapanema River
Cunani River
Cunaú River
Cunhãmati River
Cunhaporanga River
Cuniuá River
Cupido River
Cupiró River
Cupixi River
Curaçá River
Curapi River
Curiaú River
Curiche Grande River (Corixa Grande River)
Curicuriari River
Curimataí River
Curimataú River
Curisevo River
Curiuaú River
Currais Novos River
Curu River
Curuá do Sul River
Curuá River
Curuá Una River
Curuaés River
Curuçá River
Curuduri River
Curupara River
Curuquetê River
Cururu River
Cururuaçu River
Cutanji River
Cutia River
Da Água Morta River
Da Aldeia River
Da Areia River
Da Barra Grande River
Da Campanha River
Da Casca River
Da Direita River
Da Divisa River
Da Dúvida River
Da Faca River
Da Farinha River
Da Fartura River
Da Fumaça River
Da Guarda River (Itaguaí River)
Da Jacutinga River
Da Laguna River (Pauxis River)
Da Onça River
Da Pescaria River
Da Prata River
Da Telha River
Da Várzea River
Daraá River
Das Almas River
Das Antas River
Das Balsas River
Das Bengalas River
Das Cinzas River
Das Cobras River
Das Contas River
Das Cunhãs River
Das Éguas River (Correntina River)
Das Fêmeas River
Das Flores River
Das Garças River
Das Lajes River
Das Lontras River
Das Marrecas River
Das Minas River
Das Ondas River
Das Palmas River
Das Pedras River
Das Porcos River
Das Rãs River
Das Salinas River
Das Tropas River
Das Velhas River
De Breves River
Demini River
Descoberto River
Desquite River
Diamantina River
Diamantino River
Do Amola Faca River
Do Banho River
Do Braço River
Do Carmo River
Do Cedro River
Do Cobre River
Do Coco River
Do Colégio River
Do Engano River
Do Filipe River
Do Fogo River
Do Frade River
Do Funil River
Do Gado River
Do Galé River
Do Imbé River
Do Indio River
Do Leão River
Do Mato River
Do Meio River
Do Moura River (Paraná da Viúva River)
Do Navio River
Do Norte River
Do Ouro River
Do Peixe River
Do Pinto River
Do Quati River
Do Rocha River
Do Saco River
Do Sal River
Do Salto River
Do Sangue River
Do Sono River
Do Umbuzeiro River
Do Veado River
Doce River
Dois de Setembro River
Dois Rios River
Dos Almas River
Dos Arantes River
Dos Bois River
Dos Caixões River
Dos Cavalos River
Dos Cedros River
Dos Duques River
Dos Frades River
Dos Indios River
Dos Jesuítas River
Dos Mangues River
Dos Marmelos River
Dos Matos River
Dos Meros River
Dos Oeiras River
Dos Oitis River
Dos Papagaios River
Dos Pardos River
Dos Patos River
Dos Peixes River
Dos Porcos River
Dos Portões River
Dos Sinos River
Dos Touros River
Douradinho River
Dourado River
Dourados River
Dueré River
D'Una River
Eiru River
Elvas River
Embu-Guaçu River
Embu-Mirim River
Encantado River
Endimari River
Engano River
Enjeitado River
Envira River
Erechim River
Ereo River
Ericó River
Escondido River
Escurinho River
Escuro River
Esfolado River
Espalha River
Espingarda River
Espinharas River
Estiva River
External links
Fagundes River
Falsino River
Fanado River
Faria River
Faria Timbó River
Farinha River
Feio River
Feitosa River
Feliciano River
Ferro River
Fidalgo River
Figueiredo River
Fiúza River
Flechal River
Flor do Prado River
Floriano River
Formiga River
Formoso River
Formoso River (Cristalino River)
Forqueta River
Forquetinha River
Forquilha River
Fortaleza River
Francês River
Freire Muniz River
Fresco River
Fumaça River
Fundão River
Fundo River
Furo do Tajapuru
Furo Santa Rosa
Furuba River
Gajapara River
Galera River
Galheirão River
Gameleira River
Garça River
Garcia River
Garou River
Gavião River
Gemuuma River
Goiana River
Goiatá River
Goio-Bang River
Goio-Erê River
Gonçalves Dias River
Gongogi River
Gorutuba River
Grajaú River
Gramame River
Grande River
Gravatá River
Gravataí River
Gregório River
Groaíras River
Grotão das Arraias River
Guaiamã River
Guaíba River
Guaio River
Guajará River
Guaji River
Guaju River
Guamá River
Guandu River
Guandu-Mirim River
Guapi-Áçu River
Guaporé River
Guara River
Guará River
Guarani River
Guarapari River
Guarapiranga River
Guarapó River
Guaratinguetá River
Guarauninha River
Guareí River
Guariba River
Guaribe River
Guarijuba River
Guarita River
Guaritire River
Guaxindiba River
Guaxindibe River
Guaxupé River
Gurguéia River
Gurinhém River
Gurinhenzinho River
Gurjaú River
Gurupi River
Gurupí River
Huaiá-Miçu River
Humaitã River
Humboldt River
Iá River
Iaco River
Iapó River
Iaué River
Ibicuí da Armada River
Ibicuí da Cruz River
Ibicuí River
Ibicuí-Mirim River
Ibirapuitã Chico River
Ibirapuitã River
Ibirubá River
Içá River
Icamaquã River
Içana River
Iconha River
Igapó River
Igarapé Caipora
Igarapé Cochichá
Igarapé Humaitá
Igarapé Natal
Igarapé Paraná
Igarapé Riozinho
Igarapé São João
Igarapé Sindrichal
Iguaçu River
Iguará River
Iguatemi River
Iguazu River
Ijuí River
Ijuizinho River
Imabu River
Imaruí River (Marium River)
Imbariê River
Imbaú River
Imbituva River
Imboacica River
Imuti River
Iná River
Inajá River
Inauini River
Indaiá Grande River
Indaiá River
Indiaroba River
Inferno Grande River
Ingá River
Ingaí River
Inhandava River
Inhomirim River
Inhumas River
Inipaco River
Ipanema River
Ipiranga River
Ipitinga River
Ipixuna River
Ipojuca River
Iporã River
Iquê River
Iracema River
Irani River
Iraputã River
Iratapina River
Iratapuru River
Iratim River
Iratinzinho River
Iriri Novo River
Iriri River
Itã River
Itabapoana River
Itacaiunas River
Itacambiruçu River
Itacanoeira River
Itacarambi River
Itacolomi River
Itagacaba River
Itaguari River
Itaim River
Itajaí do Norte River
Itajaí do Oeste River
Itajaí do Sul River
Itajaí-Açu River
Itajaí-Mirim River
Itamarandiba River
Itambacurí River
Itamirim River
Itanhaém River
Itanhauá River
Itapanhaú River
Itapará River
Itaparaná River
Itapecerica River
Itapecuru River
Itapecuruzinho River
Itapemirim River
Itapeti River
Itapetininga River
Itapicuru River
Itapicuru-Açu River
Itapicuru-Mirim River
Itapirapuã River
Itapoama River
Itapoçu River
Itapocuzinho River
Itaquai River
Itaquiraí River
Itararé River
Itata River
Itaueira River
Itaúna River
Itaúnas River
Itauninha River
Itaxueiras River
Itimitim River
Itinga River
Itiquira River
Itoupava River
Itu River
Itucumã River
Ituí River
Ituim River
Itupeva River
Ituxi River
Ivaí River
Ivaizinho River
Ivinhema River
Jabiberi River
Jaboatão River
Jabotá River
Jaburu River
Jacaraípe River
Jacarandá River
Jacaré Pepira River
Jacaré River
Jacarecica River
Jacaré-Guaçu River
Jacarezinho River
Jaciparaná River
Jacoca River
Jacu River
Jacuba River
Jacuí River
Jacuí-Mirim River
Jacuípe River
Jacuizinho River
Jacundá River
Jacupiranga River
Jacuriaí River
Jacurutu River
Jacutinga River
Jaguarão River
Jaguari Mirim River
Jaguari River
Jaguariaíva River
Jaguariatu River
Jaguaribe River
Jaguarizinho River
Jagui River
Jaibaras River
Jamanxim River
Jamari River
Jamicia River
Jaminauá River
Jandiatuba River
Jangada River
Japaratuba River
Japoré River
Japuiba River
Japurá River
Jaqueri River
Jaquirana River
Jaracatiá River
Jararaca River
Jaraucu River
Jardim River
Jari River
Jaru River
Jataí River
Jatapu River
Jatobá River
Jatuarana River
Jaú River
Jauaperi River
Jauaru River
Jauquara River
Jauru River
Javary River
Jenipapo River
Jequiá River
Jequiá River (on Governador Island)
Jequié River
Jequiriçá River
Jequitaí River
Jequitinhonha River
Ji-Paraná River (Machado River)
Jirituba River
João de Tiba River
João Leite River
João Paulo River
Jordão River
Jorigue River
Juami River
Juari River
Juazeiro River
Juba River
Jucá River
Jucu Braço Norte River
Jucu Braço Sul River
Jucu River
Jucurucu River
Jufari River
Juína River
Juína-Mirim River
Juininha River
Juma River
Jundiá River
Jundiaí River
Jundiuvira River
Jupati River
Juquiá River
Jurema River
Juriti River
Juruá River
Juruá-Mirim River
Juruazinho River
Juruena River
Jurupari River
Jutai River
Jutaizinho River
Jutuva River
Kariniutu River
Kevuaieli River
Lacerda de Almeida River
Lajeado Agudo
Lajeado Grande River
Lajeado Macuco
Lajeado River
Lambari River
Lambedor River
Laranjaí River
Laranjal River
Laranjeiras River
Laranjinha River
Lava-Tudo River
Leão River
Lençóis River
Leste River
Lever River (Itaberaí River)
Liberdade River
Ligeiro River
List of rivers of South America
Lôbo d'Almada River
Longá River
Lonqueador River
Lontra River
Lourenço River
Lourenço Velho River
Luís Alves River
Luna River
Macabu River
Macabuzinho River
Maçacara River
Macaco Branco River
Macaco River
Macacoari River
Macacos River
Macacu River
Macaé River
Macambira River
Macambira River (Inhuçu River)
Macari River
Macauã River
Macaúba River
Macaxeira River
Machadinho River
Machado River
Macucuaú River
Madeira River
Madeirinha River
Mãe Luzia River
Magé River
Magu River
Maiá River
Maici River
Maicuru River
Mainart River
Maiquinique River
Mamanguape River
Mamboré River
Mambucaba River
Mamiá River
Mamoré River
Mamoriá River
Mampituba River
Mamuru River
Manacapuru River
Manguaba River
Manhuaçu River
Manicoré River
Manicorezinho River
Manissauá-Miçu River
Manoel Alves River
Mansinho River
Manso River
Manuel Alves da Natividade River
Manuel Alves Grande River
Manuel Alves Pequeno River
Mapaoni River
Mapari River
Mapiá Grande River
Mapiri River
Mapuá River
Mapuera River
Maquiné River
Maracá River
Maracacumé River
Maracaí River
Maracajá River (Baracaju River)
Maracanã River
Maracani River
Maracá-Pucu River
Maranhão River
Marapí River
Marari River
Maratá River
Maratasã River
Marauiá River
Maré River
Maria Paula River
Mariaquã River
Marié River
Mariepauá River
Marimari River
Mario Preta River
Mariricu River
Marituba River
Marmelada River
Marombas River
Marrecas River
Maruanum River
Marupi River
Matapi River
Mataruna River
Mataurá River
Matipó River
Mato Rico River
Matrinxã River
Matupiri River
Maú River
Maués Açu River
Maurício River
Maxaranguape River
Mazomba River
Mearim River
Medonho River
Meia Ponte River
Meirim River
Melchior River
Melissa River
Membeca River
Mequéns River
Miang River
Mineruázinho River
Miranda River
Mirapuxi River
Miringuava River
Miriri River
Miriti River
Mitéuca River
Moa River
Moacir Ávidos River
Mocambo River
Mocatu River
Moções River
Mocotó River
Moji-Guaçu River
Moji-Mirim River
Moju dos Campos River
Moju River (Acará)
Monjolinho River
Morro Alegre River
Morto River
Mosquito River
Mourão River
Moxotó River
Muaco River
Mucajaí River
Mucum River
Mucuri River
Mucutá River
Muguilhão River
Mumbaba River
Mundaú River
Munim River
Muqui do Norte River
Muqui do Sul River
Muqui River
Muriaé River
Muribaca River
Muricizal River
Muru River
Mururé River
Mutuacá River
Mutum River
Mutumparaná River
Mutura River
Muzambo River
Nabileque River
Negrinho River
Negro River
Nhamundá River
Nioaque River
Noidoro River
Noucouru River
Nova Lombárdia River
Novo River
Obim River
Ocoi River
Oiapoque River
Orgarantim River
Oriçanga River
Orobó River
Ouricuri River
Ouro Preto River
Ouro River
Pacaás Novos River
Pacajá River
Paciá River
Paciência River
Pacoti River
Pacu River
Pacuí River
Pacuma River
Pacuneiro River
Padauari River
Pagão River
Pajé River
Pajeú River
Palha River
Palhano River
Palheiro River
Palma River
Palmares River
Palmeiras River
Palmital River
Pampã River
Panari River
Panaúba River
Pancas River
Pandeiros River
Panquinhas River
Pântano River
Papagaio River
Papocas River
Papuri River
Paquequer River
Pará Mirim River
Pará River
Paracaí River
Paracatu River
Paracauari River
Paracauti River
Paraconi River
Paracori River
Parado River
Paraguaçu River
Paraguay River
Paraguazinho River
Paraíba do Sul
Paraíba River
Paraibinha River
Paraibuna River
Paraim River
Paraitinga River
Paramirim River
Paraná River
Paranã River
Paraná Urariá
Paranaíba River
Paranaíta River
Paranapanema River
Paranhana River
Paranoá River
Paraopeba River
Paratari River
Parateí River (Lambari-Parateí River)
Paratibe River
Paratiji River
Paraú River
Parauapebas River
Parauari River
Pardinho River
Pardo River
Parecis River
Paricarana River
Parima River
Parimé River
Pariquera-Açu River
Parnaíba River
Parnaìbinha River
Parnamirim River
Paroeira River
Paru de Oeste River (Cuminá River)
Paru River
Passa Cinco River
Passa Dois River
Passa Três River
Passa Una River
Passo Fundo River
Pataxós River
Pati River (Bóia River)
Pato Branco River
Pau Alto River
Pau Atravessado River
Pau d'Arco River
Pau Gigante River
Pauini River
Paulista River
Paulo Diniz River
Pau-Seco River
Pavuna River
Pedra d´Água River
Pedreira River
Peixe River
Peixoto de Azevedo River
Pelotas River
Pelotinhas River
Pendotiba River
Peperiguaçu River
Pequeno River
Perdida River
Perdido River
Perequê-Áçu River
Periá River
Perimbó River
Peritoró River
Persinuga River
Peruaçu River
Perucaba River
Peruípe River
Pesqueiro River
Petita River (Porto Alegre River)
Piabanha River
Piaçaca River
Piaí River
Piancó River
Piauí River
Piauitinga River
Piaus River
Picuí River
Pilões River
Pimenta Bueno River
Pimpão River
Pindaré River
Pinhal Grande River
Pinhal River
Pinhão River
Pinheirinho River
Pinheiros River (Jurabatuba River)
Pinhuã River
Pintado River
Piorini River
Pipiripau River
Piquiri River
Piquirí River
Pirabeiraba River
Piracanjuba River
Piracicaba River
Piraçupiá River
Piracuruca River
Piraí River
Piraí-Mirim River
Piraju River
Pirajuí River
Piranema River
Pirangi River
Piranhas River
Piranji River
Pirapama River
Pirapemas River
Pirapetinga River
Pirapó River
Pirapozinho River
Piraquara River
Piraquê Açu River
Piraquê River
Piraquê-Mirim River
Pirari River
Piratinga River
Piratini River
Piratucu River
Piriá River
Piripucu River
Pitanga River
Pitangueiras River
Pitangui River
Pitimbu River
Pitinga River
Pium River
Poana River
Poço Bonito River
Poço Triste River
Poguba River (Vermelho River)
Pojuca River
Pomba River
Pomonga River
Pongal River
Ponta Grossa River
Pontal River
Ponte Alta River
Ponte de Pedra River
Porcos River
Potengi River (Potenji River, Rio Grande do Norte)
Poti River
Potinga River
Povoamento River
Poxim Açu River
Poxim Mirim River
Poxim River
Pracaí River
Pracumba River
Pracupí River
Pracuúba River
Prataji River
Prato River
Pratudão River
Preguiças River
Preto da Eva River
Preto de Candeias River
Preto do Crespo River
Prêto do Igapó-Açu River
Preto River
Preto River (Itauninhas River)
Puduari River
Puim River
Púlpito River
Punaú River
Pureté River
Puruê River
Purus River
Puturã River
Quaraí River
Quartel River
Quatro Cachoeiras River
Quebra-Anzol River
Quebra-Dentes River
Queimados River
Quilombo River
Quinó River
Quinze de Novembro River
Quitauau River
Quitéria River
Quitéro River
Quixeramobim River
Quixito River
Rancho Grande River
Ratones River
Real River
Regame River
Reis Magos River
Represa Grande River
Riachão River
Riacho River
Ribeira de Iguape River
Ribeira River
Ribeirão Auila
Ribeirão Barra Mansa
Ribeirão Crisóstomo
Ribeirão da Paz
Ribeirão das Lajes
Ribeirão Lontra
Ribeirão Pindaíba
Ribeirão River (Araraduara River)
Ribeirão Santa Maria
Ribeirão Santana
Rio das Mortes
Rio de Janeiro
Rio Negro
Río Negro
Riozinho River
Roda Velha River
Rodeador River
Rolante River
Rolim de Moura River
Rondi Toró River
Ronuro River
Roosevelt River
Rubim do Norte River
Rubim do Sul River
Sabugi River
Saco River
Sacraiú River
Sacre River
Sacuriuiná River
Sagradouro Grande River
Sal Amargo River
Salabro River
Salgadinho River
Salgado River
Salgado River (Amargoso River)
Salinas River
Salitre River
Salobra River
Salto River
Salvador River
Samambaia River
Sambito River
Sana River
Sangue River
Sanhauá River
Santa Catarina River
Santa Cruz River
Santa Joana River
Santa Júlia River
Santa Maria da Vitória River
Santa Maria do Rio Doce River
Santa Maria River
Santa Quitéria River
Santa Rosa River
Santa Tereza River
Santana River
Sant'Ana River
Santo Agostinho River
Santo Anastácio River
Santo Antônio Grande River
Santo António River
Santo Antônio River
Santo Cristo River
Santo Onofre River
São Bartolomeu River
São Benedito River
São Bento River
São Bernardo River
São Desidério River
São Domingos Grande River
São Domingos River
São Fernando River
São Francisco Falso Braço Norte River
São Francisco Falso Braço Sul River
São Francisco River
São Gonçalo Channel
São Gonçalo River
São Jerônimo River
São João da Barra River
São João de Meriti River (Meriti River)
São João do Paraíso River
São João Grande River
São João Pequeno River
São João River
São João Surrá River
São José do Guapiara River
São José dos Cordeiros River
São José dos Dourados River
São José River
São Lourenço River
São Luis River
São Marcos River
São Mateus River
São Miguel River
São Nicolau River
São Patrício River
São Pedro River
São Sebastião River
São Sepe River
São Simão River
São Tomás River
São Tomé River
São Venceslau River
São Vitório River
Sapão River
Sapucaí River
Sapucaí River (Reboucas River)
Sapucaia River
Sapucai-Mirim River
Saracura River
Saracuruna River
Sarapuí River
Sarapuí River (Sapucai River)
Sararé River
Sargento River
Satuba River
Saudades River
Sauêruiná River
See also
Sepatini River
Sepoti River
Sepotuba River
Sereno River
Sergipe River
Seridó River
Seriema River
Serra Negra River
Seruini River
Sesmarias River
Sete de Setembro River
Setúbal River
Siemens River
Siriji River
Sirinhaém River
Siriri River
Sitiá River
Sobradinho Creek
Socavão River
Socorro River
Soé River
Sombrio River
Sorocaba River
Sororò River
Sotério River
Soturno River
Suaçuí Grande River
Suaçuí Pequeno River
Suçuarana River
Sucunduri River
Sucuriú River
Sucuru River
Suia-Miçu River
Sumidouro Grande River
Sumidouro River
Surubiu River
Suruí River
Surumu River
Suzana River
Tabatinga River
Taboco River
Tacaniça River
Tacunapi River
Tacutu River
Tadarimana River
Taiaçupeba River
Taiaçupeba-Mirim River
Tainhas River
Taió River
Taíras River
Tajaul River
Tamanduá River
Tamanduateí River
Tamitatoale River
Tanaru River
Tangararé River
Tapacurã River
Tapajós River
Tapauá River
Tapera River
Taperoá River
Tapira River
Tapiracuí River
Tapirapé River
Tapirucu River
Tapuio River
Taquara River
Taquaraçu River
Taquari River
Taquari-Guaçu River
Taquari-Mirim River
Taquaruçu River
Tarauacá River
Tartarugal Grande River
Tartarugalzinho River
Tarumã Açu River
Tarumã Mirim River
Tarunã River
Tatuamunha River
Tatuí River
Tauini River
Tavares River
Tea River
Tefé River
Tejo River
Teles Pires River
Tenente Marques River
Tererê River
Terra Nova River
Tesoura River
Tibagi River
Tibiri River
Tibiriça River
Tietê River
Tijipió River
Tijucas River
Tijuco River
Tijuípe River
Timbó River
Timbozinho River
Timbuí River
Timonha River
Tinguá River
Tiúba River
Tocantins River
Tocantizinho River
Todos os Santos River
Tomé River
Tonantins River
Tormenta River
Toropi River
Tourinho River
Tracunhaém River
Traida River
Traipu River
Traira River
Trairão River
Traíras River
Trairi River
Tramandaí River
Trapicheiros River
Três Barras River
Três Forquilhas River
Tributo River
Tricolor River
Tromaí River
Trombetas River
Trombudo River
Truçu River
Tubarão River
Tucunduba River
Tucurui River
Tucutol River
Tueré River
Tumiã River
Tupana River
Turiaçu River
Turvo River
Tutuí River
Uaçá River
Uaicurapa River
Uailan River
Uarini River
Uatatas River
Uatumã River
Uauaris River
Uaupés River
Ubatiba River
Ubatuba River
Ubazinho River
Uberaba River
Uberabinha River
Uimeerê River
Umari River
Umbuzerio River
Una do Prelado River
Una River
Uneiuxi River
Unini River
Upanema River
Uraim River
Uraricaá River
Uraricoera River
Uriurana River
Uru River
Uruá River
Urubaxi River
Urubu Grande River (Das Pedras River)
Urubu River
Urucaua River
Urucu River
Uruçuí Prêto River
Urucuia River
Uruçuí-Vermelho River
Uruguay River
Urupá River
Urupaça River
Urupadi River
Ururaí River
Urussanga River
Utinga River
Vacacaí River
Vacacaí-Mirim River
Vacaria River
Vacas Gordas River
Valparaiso River
Varadouro River
Vargem do Braço River
Vaza-Barris River
Vazante Grande
Veado River
Verde Grande River
Verde Pequeno River
Verde River
Verde River (Verdão River)
Verdinho River
Vereda Pimenteira
Veríssimo River
Vermelho River
Vila Nova River
Viruaquim River
Vitorino River
Vorá River
Xambrê River
Xaparu River
Xapuri River
Xavante River
Xavantinho River
Xeriuini River
Xeruã River
Xie River
Ximim-Ximim River
Xingu River
Xinxim River
Xipamanu River
Zumbi River
Zutia River

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