Reputation of programmes

Reputation of programmes
It is absolutely important that the programmes done by an institute or an organisation are reputed so that people respect them.

Examples of these are for each stakeholder.
How can one give funds to an NGO for a programme which is not reputed ?
If the reputation of a particular programme / service of a corporate is not good, then how can one ask that corporate for a service of that product. e.g. Think of a corporate which offers many consumer products. If they offer AC and if their service for AC repairs which suppose is part of that service is not good, then it is obvious that a consumer cant to to that corporate for AC service.

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Identity of Reputation of programmes
We will interview some of the following to understand identity of Reputation of programmes (and this directly is responsible for reputation of organisation)
NGOs, Corporates, Funding agencies, Government officials, volunteers, retail donors, philanthropists, media
They will also share what the sector has to do to improve the Identity thereby enhancing the reputation of the sector.