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CSRidentity.com cofounder Sanjay Bapat feels that all religions are good.
Human beings who follow religion or are borne with a particular religion or are influenced by a particular religion or are forced to change religion are different. If they are good, people rate the religion good. If they are bad, people rate the religion bad. This certainly is not the way to give marks to a religion.

Religion is not a marked driven or rating system. Its philosophy.
Sanjay Bapat wants Truth as his religion. But he knows truth is an integral part of every religion. But there is no religion on earth by the name of Truth.

We are sharing various religions as per the research by CIA. Click here to know the latest statistics by CIA.
Only Thane district population is taken from Census 2011 but please note that this data is of 2011 and Thane district was divided into Thane district and Palghar district in August 2014.

For us, what is important is that most of the citizens not just have but follow a particular religion. This simply means that religious institutions have great influencing power and they must use this great power for social development.

This idea of Religions as Influencing Power is the main reason why we have included religion in the social issue forum.

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