Ranks of countries (UN member countries, Non UN member countries). We must thank CIA for this great work. (In some cases other institutions)
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Ranks are in alphabetical order. We must thank CIA, CAF, The Legatum Prosperity...We are sharing these indices for countries to know where they rank, which country need to maintain or upgrade their rank, which countries really need to improve their status so that the rank gets upgraded...

We must thank the institutes mentioned above for this research. We can not financially pay for this research but we know that it is our editorial responsibility to promote their research to visitors of CSRidentity.com






We have shared ranks of various countries on issues.
These ranks are shared for every year and because of certain circumstances they may go up or down in each year. For ranks of countries in the last few years, go to CIA
We thank CIA for these ranks and details and updations can be seen on CIA.

We are keen to promote the great work done by researchers and people who work on these issues at actual locations. e.g. China & India are large countries and we will have people in different parts of China / India and rest of the world working on different issues. They can tell the status in their location or state or maybe country but neither can they tell the exact number either for their country or the rank of the country because numbers may change any time and in case of population, the numbers may change everyday.





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