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Concern India Foundation

Weaving behind bars

With the objective of motivating women to change their course of lives as well as providing a source of livelihood, a programme which we support works with the women prison inmates in a Delhi jail.

The programme trains the inmates in weaving so that they can equip themselves with a skill. Most of these women are under-trial prisoners; some of them have been in the prison for years waiting for their trial. They need to utilise their time in a lucrative manner, which would in the long run help them to become financially independent. The programme is looking at moving from a therapeutic to an income generation model by working on creating links for the women with the manufacturers who will employ trained women.


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India Vision Foundation

Tihar Jail, the world's largest prison, in terms of population (housing nearly 10, 000 inmates at a time), during 1993 - 95 is also known, as the Central Prison of Delhi. It houses (in separate enclosures), women prisoners along with their male counterparts. Serving a Prison term (whatever the reason may be), is a very traumatic experience for one and all. It becomes all the more harrowing for women.

In India, a woman Prison inmate can keep her child, with her, in prison, till the child reaches the age of five. Thus, one can only imagine how distressing it must be for women who have children, with them in Prison, or outside; living either with family or in some Government Remand Home.

These women are separated from their loved ones and have long hours to fill. In most Indian prisons, the conditions within the cell are not only appalling but the over crowding is rampant and even considered normal. Many women are imprisoned for long periods. Their self-confidence is virtually non-existent. India Vision Foundation, after research, concluded that it was imperative to impart training and skills to these women in Prison. The skills learnt in Jail, would not only help them gain financial independence after their release, but it would also go a long way in restoring their dignity, self confidence and utilizing their time constructively.India Vision Foundation, in collaboration with its sister concern, Navjyoti, has been supporting the Vocational Training projects inside the Tihar Jail in New Delhi, with a view to provide the inmates, a skill, that will help in their rehabilitation on their release from imprisonment. The inmates are compensated for their efforts in weaving tapestries and coasters etc.

IVF has been running a Crèche for children, staying along with their mothers in prison. The crèche provides developmental and nutritional support to the kids. They are educated, loved, nurtured, pampered and allowed to play and live as children, away from congested cells and other adult convicts. As these children, are not allowed to stay with their mothers, once they reach the age of five, India Vision Foundation, identifies such children and places them in its Crime Home Children project.


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