Plague is a communicable disease, caused by bacterium Yersinia pestis. It is one of the oldest diseases known to man and still occurs in the tropics, subtropics and warmer areas of temperate countries. Past outbreaks have shown that plague may reoccur in areas that have long remained silent.

Plague is primarily a zoonotic disease (transmitted between vertebrate animals and humans)

of wild rodents and man is affected incidentally. It is transmitted from one rodent to another by fleas (ectoparasites) and from animals to humans either by the bite of infected fleas, or direct contact, inhalation and rarely, ingestion of infective materials when handling infected hosts.

Widespread pandemics (disease occurring over a wide geographic area and affecting an exceptionally high proportion of the population) of plague have occurred in past with high mortality. It was known as the "Black Death" during the fourteenth century, causing an estimated 50 million deaths. Nearly half of deaths were in Asia and Africa and the other half were in Europe.

Plague is endemic (a disease that occurs regularly in a particular area) in many countries in Africa, former Soviet Union, Americas and Asia. The distribution of plague coincides with the geographical distribution of the rodents it infects, which are found in all continents except Australia.

Plague epidemics (unusually high occurrence of a disease in a population or area) have occurred in Africa, Asia, and South America but since the 1990s, most human cases have occurred in Africa. In 2013 there were 783 cases reported worldwide, including 126 deaths. According to World Health Organization (WHO), 20 countries in Africa, America, and Asia are identified as natural foci for plague. The 3 most endemic countries are Madagascar, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Peru. In Madagascar, outbreaks have occurred nearly every year since 1980.

We plan to do einterviews with MBBS doctors to understand 4 things
1) Tests or questions you ask in first few meetings
2) What it means in medical terms
3) What it means in non medical terms
4) What should the patient or care takers do

We might interview Aurvedic doctors, homeopathic doctors, Yoga teachers on this health issue

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