Dr Huzaifa Khorakiwala (Dr Huzaifa is regarded as a special person because founder knows him and his nature personally for years)

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Speak your heart
You can open your heart or close it. When you close it, the pressure builds up. And suddenly like a pressure cooker, the built up pressure can create a massive explosion.
There is a better way, keep your heart open. Allow the flow of feelings to keep coming out. Be natural. Express yourself freely. When you do this, you are comfortable with yourself as you express whenever you feel like. You are not playing a game of the mind, you are not trying to be over discrete. You are allowing your heart to express. The pressure never builds up. You feel relaxed.
Speak your heart.
- Sir Dr.Huz

Dont delay
When you have a problem, there are only 2 things you can do : attend to the problem, or run away from it.
Many of us don't have the courage, or the skills to tackle a problem head on. So, we postpone and delay the action. Only if we knew that delay is death.
When you delay, the problem builds up. Also, the tension in your head builds up.
So what to do ?
First, be brave. Second, be fast. Attend to all your problems, and sensitive issues with speed.
Also, many relationships have got destroyed when there is delay in response.
Delay is death. Don't delay.
- Sir Dr.Huz

Respect for self, respect for others
When you respect others, you will be able to respect yourself.
Both types of respect add to the other respect.
Respect for self is very important. It stems from good humanity. When you practice human values, and are good to others, you feel good about yourself.
When you are feeling low, something is probably missing in your humanity. Just become extra nice to everyone, give everyone that extra respect, then automatically you will feel good about yourself.
Respect for self, respect for others.
It's one of the keys to happiness.
- Sir Dr.Huz

Spread smiles
He smiled at the young woman. He got a smile in return. A smile has a return on investment.
A smile is priceless. Because it is free, there is no price.
A smile spreads joy. The other person feels happy looking at a smiling face.
A smile reduces tension. Suddenly, you feel problems can be tackled.
A smile is a sign of love. Only people with a soft heart keep smiling.
A smile shows positivity. Because a smile cannot be defeated.
A smile is a sign of hope. Because when everything is lost, the hope in a smile will still remain.
Spread smiles !
- Sir Dr.Huz

Money cant buy love
Money is sought after.
Love is sought after.
When they fight who wins ?
Love wins hands down. Love can buy money. But money can't buy love.
People leave their homes, families, jobs, cities, and even countries where there is no love. Even, when they are offered great financial incentive, they still leave. Because they are seeking love, not money. Money can't buy love.
People need attention, and affection. Money can't give that. Only love has that power. Money can't buy love.
- Sir Dr.Huz

Lilfe is a balance
When you are leaning too much to the right, you will fall from the right. When you lean too much to the left, you will fall from the left. So what to do ? You need to balance and stay in the middle.
Balancing is not easy. You need to stay away from the extremes, which maybe more tempting.
Balancing requires you to know what to hold onto and what to let go. Balancing is an art. You are the artist. Sharpen your skills in this game, because then as an artist you will win the game of life.
Life is a balance.
- Sir Dr.Huz

Right to vision
Eyesight is the most critical of all human body functions. Just imagine you can't see. What would be your state ? A life without eyesight is indeed very sad.
No one should lose their eyesight due to lack of finances or efforts. Every eye needs to be saved. That's how precious this gift of vision is. We need to ensure that all of us have the right to vision.
Happy World Sight Day (Oct 12) !
- Sir Dr.Huz

Dont run after happiness
Happiness is not a destination. You can't reach it in future. You can only experience it in the present. Happiness is now. Not tomorrow.

Happiness is not a goal. Happiness cannot be planned. Can you plan your future emotion ?Nope, not possible.

You can't run after what you can't reach.
Happiness is a moment. You need to feel it right now. It can be felt only in the present moment.
To feel it now, you may like to make a note of 7 conditions which are conducive to it :

* be in touch with your inner self
* sensitivity to other human beings
* speaking with compassion
* helping others
* bringing a smile
* not fearing any loss
* having fun

These climatic conditions ensure the perfect settings for your happily swinging moods. Now, you are happy.

Don't run after happiness.
- Sir Dr.Huz

Achievements dont matter on Deathbed
You are in the ICU. Death may hit you any moment. You are India's 3rd richest man. What are you thinking ? Are you feeling proud of your grand success ? Or are you feeling humbled by the power of God ? Do you feel powerless suddenly inspite of all your worldly power ?

Death does this precisely. You feel out of control. Because the curtain of the hereafter in the next world is opaque. You can't see it.

It is wisdom to think of death often. It makes you more human. It connects you to your soul. It destroys your greed, and ambitions. It helps you preserve your values. Death levels life. Think of death not only when dying, but every single day. Remember your mortality. You will become more wise.

Achievements don't matter on deathbed.
- Sir Dr.Huz

Be answerable to your actions
You act. But you don't care about the effects of your actions. That's insensitivity.
Sensitivity means feeling the emotions in the other person when you act. The sensitivity needs to measure only that are you hurting someone. Some people say they don't care if they hurt others as long as they are doing the right thing. So can we call that doing the right thing in a wrong way ? It would be interesting to note their answer to this.
Whether you accept it or not, in reality, karma ensures you have perfect accountability to your actions. You can't escape even if you wish.
Next time when you act, be prepared to answer when someone asks. Just as you have a right to act, they can ask. Then you need to answer. Our social settings do not have an ignorance or exit clause.
Be answerable to your actions.
- Sir Dr.Huz

Zero ego
Zero ego is the ideal state which we strive for. It is written in all spiritual traditions.

When we try and destroy ego, we destroy our sense of false pride which leads to arrogance.

The 7 characteristics of Zero Ego could be :
* zero self
* zero identity
* zero sense of achievement
* total responsibility
* total joy
* total humanity
* only LOVE

Zero Ego is a reduction of your self image from Hero to Zero. It is nirvana or salvation, the merging of your individual self to the universal oneoness.
- Sir Dr.Huz

Accept the apology you never got
You can forgive only when asked for forgiveness. When someone asks, you have a choice - to forgive or not.

But how do you forgive when the other person has not even asked for forgiveness ? He has not even accepted he has done a wrong thing. How do you forgive that ?

We often feel hurt when not being asked for forgiveness. Our ego hurts.

But the beauty to bury this hurt lies in forgiving the person when he did not even say "sorry". He did not say "sorry", but you have already forgiven in your mind. You feel light, without the burden of hurt.

Accept the apology you never got.
- Sir Dr.Huz