Identity (To start on 4 July)


Q How many Philanthropists we plan to share ?

By 31.3.2020 : 500 additional philanthropists in India
By 31.3.2020 : 1000 philanthropists in countries other than India

Q By when and what is the sponsorship cost?
Period : 1.4.2019 to 31.3.2020.
Banner cost : Rs 6 00 000 plus GST. (USD 10000)
The cost is higher if one takes into consideration of the number of philanthropists because we have to do a lot of research for getting names.

Q Do we share philanthropists from more than 35 countries ?

Q What about districts in India ?
In India we are sharing the names of philanthropists who donate
Rs 1 million (Rs 10 00 000/- ) per annuam for NGOs or charities.
As of now, in other countries, we are sharing names of individuals or families who donate $1 million plus to charities per year or $10 million in life time.
We know $ 1 million per year is a big amount of donation and in India as well as other countries, we may reduce the number substantially because we think instead of just 200 or 2000 taking Giving Pledge, let 2 million or more individuals & families donate (whether they pledge it or not pledge it, for charities / NGOs money is crucial to serve communities and instead of spending too much time on getting money, let them spend 98% of their time in serving communities rather than sending letters, going for meetings ... (reducing these will also be good from climate change perspective)

We may reduce the donation amount to Rs 120 000 per nnuam and
USD 1500 per annum after 28.5.2019 when India which is currently going through national election process is through with election and related results (And irrespective of who wins the elections, we want the country to win the philanthropy concept and we want millions of individuals and families to donate, yet it can be even Rs 3650 or $60 per annum on every birthday.

Q Why just share the name and not any details pf the philanthropist ?
Privacy and security are key issues for big donors.
If there name and contact details are shared, then they will get many calls or letters or emails and that will disturb their daily schedule.
Second thing is that we believe that a name is a brand.
If one's name starts with Jesus or Allah or Ganapati, then suddenly, it gets more attention.
Third, we plan to put na,e, father's name and surname or name, husband's name and surname (We dont understand why as of now no one puts mother's name and then surname because mother is the person who gives birth to any human ... mother and father are parents but physically father doesnt give birth to his child). Our founder says Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat not Sanjay Bapat because if you just put Sanjay Bapat on Google ir LinkedIn and you get several names.



For details, contact Datacentre.

Philanthropists in India, Thane and in all countries, SARs, Islands, territories.

In Philanthropists forum, CSRidentity.com shares Philanthropists in all countries, SARs, islands, territories. Everyone in the world thinks financial philanthropists but CSRidentity.com also treats people who give large amount of time for social / climate issues as philanthropists. But as of now, we share only philanthropists who gives USD 17 25 000 or Rs 12 00 00 000/- in lifetime to charity or those who give USD 100 000 or Rs 1 00 00 000 per annum to NGOs / NPOs / Charity.
Our plan : Names of 500 philanthropists in India & 2000 philanthropists in different countries. Important : Any individual
If the response is good, we may increase numbers. Period : 1.4.2019 to 31.3.2020. Banner cost : Rs 6 00 000 plus GST. (USD 10000)


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