Yet to be famous people : But you must know them
Yet to be famous people : But you must know them
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Why CSRidentity.com thinks there are some people you must know ?
There are people which are actually working very very hard and can be celebrities or famous people but we know it is human nature to remember Number 1. e.g. People know Neil Armstrong who was the first person to walk on moon. Who is the second, third, fourth person to walk on moon ? We know hardly can one tell the 28th person to walk on moon. So we will start sharing people who walked on moon second, third... and in the same manner people who won silver medal in olympics in high jump or one who walked Mountain everest........and these are shared countrywise (in short people you must know).

Our plan for sharing names
By 28.3.2018
1) We plan to share more than 75 000 people you must know from 50 plus countries.
These names are typically local persons you must know & they are yet not celebrities at national level.
The list sometimes may include national celebrities but that is not the purpose.

Names of mountaineers who died while climbing Mount Everest
Babu Chiri Sherpa had climbed the mountain several times, and in 1999 spent 20 hours on the summit of Everest, then a new record. He also climbed to the summit twice in two weeks and held the record climbing time from Base Camp to summit of 16 hours and 56 minutes. He died in 2001 from a fall near Camp II. Experienced guide Rob Hall died on Everest shortly after becoming the first non-Sherpa to have summitted five times (1996).

We have mentioned "Died while climbing Mount Everest". Please assume it as "Died while climbing Mount Everest or climbed Mount Everest but died while coming down from Mount Everest".
In 1996 season, 15 people died trying to reach the summit, making it the deadliest single year in the mountain's history to that point. Curiously, 1996 was statistically a safe year for Everest climbers. Before 1996, one in four climbers had died making the ascent; 1996 saw huge numbers of people attempting the climb and the statistics for 1996 reveal that only one in seven died.
Another notable incident occurred in 1998 when Francys Arsentiev and her husband, Sergei Arsentiev, became separated and then died while looking for each other. 19 people were killed in an avalanche at Base Camp following a powerful 7.8 earthquake, which killed at least 9,000 people and injured at least 23,000. This is the worst single-day death toll ever in the history of Mount Everest, in modern incidents with accurate counts. Due to the difficulties and dangers in bringing bodies down, most of those who die on the mountain remain where they fall, although some are moved by winds and ice.
Many deaths are due to avalanche, Cerebral apoplexy, Cerebral Oedema, Cerebral Edema, Altitude sickness
Source and read much more information

Countries (shared names) of mountaineers who died while climbing Mount Everest
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Nepal,
Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Swizerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam, Yugoslavia