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People (We share famous natives in 150+ countrries)

People (Human beings) is our main focus. We plan to share many challenges people face issuewise.

Institutions (for or not for profit) are not robots, they are formed by human beings and people who work with them, the customers, the suppliers ... are humans. They use machines which are not humans, but machines is a medium that people use.

While all the 7 billion plus population of this world is our focus, we cant share all of them. So we share individuals & institutions who work for communities on social & developmental, nation / world / iniverse building issues and in case of corporates, they think & implement CSR in every department.


We respect scientists because science which covers technology is key innovator which helps all people and is irrespective of the caste, religion, colour, nationality of humans & have effect on nature, living & non living beigns. Scientists want to make world development as a step towards universal development. Of course there are scientists whose innovations are only for their nation or are used by country leaders who want their country to be ahead of their competition. But we cant help such individuals, that is the work of national philosophers. We will not cover these issues and focus our work on social & developmental issues which leads to national development.

We can only share people making change in their country, the world and the universe.

People respect people at global or national level and these are covered in celebrities section. As a sample country, India, we plan to share people respected at local level or district level.

If you want to share people in your country or any other country, do mail editor the related link.

Global example : Thane
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