Parents introduce you
in this world

The top banner which is on all pages is taken by Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat. He believes that Parents are the first teachers.

Will your name be online ?
Yes. First will be your mother & father and in bracket the name of their children, alphabetically.

For sharing name of parents
In India : Rs 500/-
In any country : $ 20
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We remember celebrities like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Ratan Tata, Nandan Nilekani but how many can even remember (foreget about telling) those brought them on this earth first (Of course, relatives and near ones remember their names) and that is where we say that Identity of every one is different.

When parents grow old agewise, their children should not think that these old people should not exist in this world.

Of course every human has expiry date but taking care of parents is what humans have to do and these humans can be biological children or adopted children or friends or relatives or institutions like Help Age ...

After one is born, most of the people go to school which gives them academic education. Any mistakes, any mischief done by young kids is happily taken care of by parents. As the child grows, the parents also grow by age.

When the parents become senior citizens by age, their children who become adults must take care of them. But our founder has experience that people neglect their parents or in laws. They do not take care of their own parents.

Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat thinks that people who dont see their parents or inlaws or grand parents when they expire, have no humanity.

Of course, they have legal rights to live (some live happily) but on what basis can one tell her / his children to take care of them ?
These children when they grow by age and get married can easily question their own parents on issues like : On what basis you expect me to take care of you when you know what care you took care of your parent / parents.

So while legally it is not at all compulsory to see your parents when they expire, one surely looses humanity if they dont see their parent or inlaw or grand parent or relative ... of course this loss of humanity is not for people who physically cant come in time because they are far off by distance and if one doesnt want to put the body in cold storage or if one has important examination abroad and that person is not told by sister or brother or mother about the expiry of parent because that parent always dreamt of education first).

You may give millions of dollars to others but you will get 0 or negative marks if you dont see any of your parent when they have medically left this world but they are still in physical form about to leave this world in physical form.



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