Aai - Bhau (Parents of founder Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat)

Aai (Kumud Vaman Apte) Bhau (Moreshwar Prabhakar Bapat)
CSRidentity.com came into existance because our founder was given birth. (like all, introduced in this world by parents).

Our founder thinks (not medical thinking but human thinking) that Bhau gave him birth twice.
Once on 8.8.62 (when Bhau & Aai gave him birth) and
again on 28.08.2013 (When founder had an almost fatal accident and Bhau was the first person on earth to take him to Jupiter Hospital when he was treated by Dr Harshad Purandare and his team and supported by many of his school mates, college mates, corporates, philanthropists and Venkat Krishnan who is very difficult to replicate)

Aai was running a Montessory school called Aardsh Balak Mandir (There could have been millions of names but she thought of the name which means Adarsh = Ideal, Balak = Child, Mandir = Temple (Mandir s god's place. Yes, it can be church or mosque or temple or any such thing depending on the religion you are born or believe)

Our founder, did his Engineering , MBA .. but he was not at all keen on visiting lectures in school, college because manytimes he thought that the teachers are sharing what is there in books, and the purpose of education is not passing exams, getting degrees ...
the purpose of education is knowledge.
It is much larger & deeper than 100% attendance or 100% academic marks.
Its Value Education. (Non financial values)

But there is no school / college for value education.
But when his son Aum wanted to do Medical Sciences, Vikasdada said he must attend every lecture because teachears know much more than students.

(Founder thinks yes and no. Yes because Teachers know much more than students in their topic of teaching but founder thinks he is talking about the first step which is Value Education or the Purpose of Education ... )

Yes, learn from teachers but in medical field it is Patient first, whether the patient is saint or criminal or terrorist ... she / he is a patient and in say Mechanical engineering it is the machine which needs to be taken care of, in Civil engineering roads, buildings ... must be taken care of .... or in case of arts, art first or in case of commerce, you must take care of commerce or in business, you must treat and take care of clients, customers as sort of patients which must be taken care of because the customer needs or wants a particular product and you must think customer first...

Bhau in medical terms or physically is no more, but he exists in mind terms. We have a separate page because we exist today only because of his courage (Yes, he was 82 years of age on 28.8.2013)

Actually, schools comer later.
First teachers are your parents who teach value of life.
And our founder believes God is in human beings
(What you see in Church, Mandir, Mosque.. is a representation of god. The god picture or image you see represents imagination. In physical terms, it will be just gold or banner or stone which is coloured .... like in physcial term the picture of parents is just a paper .. but the way one treats gods or parents depend on her / his / transgender's thinking.
So one can dream or see GOD in her / his house or anywhere else ...)

And yes, some people in the world are born without father because father medically was responsible for giving birth to that person but unfortunately expired before birth of that child, or someone looses mother immediately after birth or one gets adopted by not biological parents ..
GOD can be a political leader or a sports person or a film person ...
but Parents are the first introducers of humans and even animals on this earth.