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Ashoka – Innovators for the Public

Ashoka Health and Nutrition Initiative
Adequate nutrition is an essential prerequisite for the healthy development and well being of every individual. At present, 48 percent of children under the age of 5 years in India are undernourished, as compared to 25 percent in sub-Saharan Africa. Even if it does not lead to death, undernutrition often leads to permanent damage to physical and mental development, reduced immunity to illness and added cost to healthcare. This reduces a nation’s overall economic productivity.

With the support of our funding partner Swiss Re, Ashoka has developed a Nutrition Initiative to put nutrition as a priority on everyone’s agenda and to tackle undernutrition in a system-changing, scalable and sustainable manner. In mapping the problem of undernutrition in India, the Ashoka Nutrition Initiative identified three clear gaps in addressing the problem:

Lack of multi-sectoral linkages - People in sectors such as agriculture and behaviour change don't see the link between their work and nutrition and aren't aware of what other sectors are doing.

Lack of data: The latest government data is as of 2005-06 and the next survey will probably come out in 2013-14. We want to get more recent data and to understand the why's behind the problem. That is why we have planned a Baseline Study across 3-4 states covering 5000 households by September 2013.

Absence of impact trackers: Programmes often track impact in terms of the progress of implementation rather than the reduction in undernutrition. To avoid this, Ashoka will conduct an endline study to assess its impact.

Given our large network of Fellows working in various sectors, Ashoka is uniquely placed to build linkages between sectors and foster collaborations. We have partnered with the following Ashoka Fellows: Indu Capoor, Dr. Hanumappa Sudarshan, Seema and Michael Prakash, Bablu Ganguly, Prasanta Tripathy, Bibhu Kalyan Mohanty, and Anshu Gupta. Ashoka can also build collaborative partnerships with various stakeholders by influencing them to apply the lens of nutrition to their work. In addition to working with our Fellows, we are partnering with key stakeholders in the field- research institutions, biomedical device companies, nutritionists and global advocacy organizations.

Thus far, we have collected Baseline Study data from 834 households in Koppal district and Chamarajanagar district, Karnataka. With the help of our Fellows, we intend on rolling out our survey in several other districts of Karnataka and 3-4 additional states in the coming months. The initial analysis of our quantitative and qualitative data has given us insights into the “whys” of the problem. As we collect data and work with our Fellows to co-design strategic interventions, we will share our learnings and insights.

If you would like to learn more about the Initiative, provide insights or be added to our bi-weekly newsletter mailing list, contact asinha@ashoka.org. Together we can work towards a Nutrients For All world where each person is nutrient replete and has the potential to further our Everyone a Changemaker vision.


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Britannia Industries Ltd.

Britannia Nutrition Foundation
To secure Every Childs Right to Growth and Development through “Right 2 Nutrition”

Objective of the Britannia Nutrition Foundation (BNF)
Setting up the Britannia Nutrition Foundation was a small step that we took to address the issue regarding child malnutrition. Britannia Nutrition Foundation is an independent, autonomous, non-profit entity that will leverage the strength through Britannias wide stakeholder network to address the issue of Child Nutrition. We see BNF working proactively to “secure every child’s right to growth and development” through catalyzing thought and action that drives a meaningful nutrition agenda.

The Britannia Nutrition Foundation
What it is:
An independent, Autonomous, non-profit body that leverages the strengths of Britannia’s wide stakeholder network to address Child Malnutrition through scientific knowledge building and dissemination, driving awareness and education, and creating a platform for action.

Why BNF?
Commitment to Health & Well-Being of most vulnerable population of India i.e. children (33% population below 14 years) and being aware that child-under nutrition is not an isolated phenomenon, but linked to maternal under-nutrition, in vitro under-nutrition, and to under-nutrition of adolescent girl
To demonstrate the strength & durability of Britannia’s commitment to health and enable the brand to play a significant civic role in social community through concrete action

BNF will enable BIL to reach the vulnerable sections of society with products/solutions of public health relevance

The foundation provides information, guidance and support and a platform for action to help secure every child’s right to growth and development through driving thought and action about "Right 2 nutrition"

Our Promise
BNF proactively works towards securing every child’s right to growth and development through catalyzing thought and innovative action about nutrition

BNF is all about the future. We therefore prefer to be proactive rather than reactive, to look forward rather than look back. We believe in moving towards our goals in a sustained, planned manner, and in taking one step at a time in order to reach our objectives.

Every child
BNF’s approach is inclusive and unbiased. Our goals encompass children from rural as well as urban environments, disparate socio-economic backgrounds, and vast geographical spread. The work we do will impact the lives of all Indian children, regardless of caste, creed, and gender .

Growth and development
BNF makes a distinction between growth and development while fully recognizing that both happen simultaneously

We view growth as physical wellbeing, a subset of a child’s overall development. Growth is important – from growth, a child derives the energy and stamina required to stay busy, curious, and productive.

Development, as we see it, also involves the achievement of age-appropriate mental, emotional, and social milestones. It is a holistic measure of health and wellbeing.

BNF recognizes that growth and development are inseparable. In the absence of all-round development, growth is meaningless; in the absence of healthy growth, a child may lack the ability to discover and achieve her true potential.

BNF sees itself as a catalyst, precipitating change and initiating action while retaining its own integrity. We see ourselves as the fulcrum for all stakeholders in the arena of child nutrition in India, the single platform on which they can come together to share ideas, pool resources, and work cohesively towards mutually defined goals.

Thought and action
BNF places equal emphasis on thought and action. Action without thought can be destructive; thought that is not followed by action fails to make any impact. We value ideas, and back up coherent thinking with concentrated implementation efforts and clarity of purpose.

Our Goals
To play the catalyst role in driving thought and action about children’s nutrition, within the context of inter-generational cycle of malnutrition
To grow into a credible authority on child nutrition matters in India
To attract leading national and international experts to form partnerships to support child nutrition programs in India
To support research in areas of child nutrition
To create social awareness and educate at risk populations about child nutrition

Our Identity
BNF sees itself as a credible forum for all stakeholders working in the arena of child nutrition and allied fields
For not-for-profit organizations within India and outside of India to advance the field of child nutrition in India
For bringing together expertise in nutrition for the growth and development of children in India
For providing accessibility to all consumers and stakeholder groups, including the international fraternity thus creating a platform for action
For providing a forum for organizations and experts in diverse fields who share the same conviction, to find business models and solutions for the multi dimensional nutrition challenge
For disseminating nutrition knowledge and best practices to various stakeholders
For driving nutrition awareness among the general public, especially at-risk population like children, adolescent girls & women

Core Activities
In order to accomplish its goals, BNF engages with stakeholders at every level of the child nutrition spectrum, from the general public, to scientific experts, to social scientists, to doctors, to government and development agencies and NGOs. Our activities span three core areas:

Scientific knowledge building & Dissemination
We will focus our efforts on developing partnerships designed to support long-term research in child nutrition and health, piloting research studies that focus on specific nutritional interventions for children in the context of the inter-generational cycle of malnutrition
We will create an annual symposium on child nutrition and health in developing countries featuring national and international experts.
We will create awards and rewards programs for promising students for advanced studies and research in the field of child nutrition and health


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