We have shared about 70 000 NGOs in India and if the response is good, then can share 150 000 NGOs by 31.12.2019

150 000 NGOs from about 200 countries (UN member, Non UN member, 2 SARs, some islands) are shared in the related country folder.

We may plan to start sharing aprox. about 1000 NGOs which get funding from funding agencies, corporates, corporate foundations, philanthropists.

We also support NGOs in many ways.
To start with, we plan to share products NGOs sell districtwise in India.
We also urge Indian corporates to lead core competency volunteering which helps NGOs across the world on issues like how to market themself with funding agencies, corporates, philanthropists and media plus how to do succession planning or how to communicate with their target audience which may be communities or government officials who look after government schemes, how to develop the NGO as a Brand .....


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Q How many NGOs we plan to share ?
Q Can there be different banners for different countries ?
Q What the source of getting NGOs in different countries ?
Q Are all the NGOs credible?
Q If we see 150 000 NGOs or more NGOs and the data will cover 6000 NGOs funded by funding agencies, then why dont we just share 6000 NGOs?
Q So what can we do if we want only 1 or 2 credible NGOs in say Kenya ?
Q Can you select 1 or 2 credible NGOs in India free?Q Do we share NGOs districtwise in case of India ?
Q Why buy products from NGOs when we can go to shopping mall and get hundreds of products and that to branded names and also there is gurantee from the brand as well as the Shopping Mall ?


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