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If you to add any NGO in this country or want to share any focus area, do mail the information link to Datacentre. Please dont send any files in word, just brief content in email format

Free names of NGOs
By 28.3.2017, we share 150 000 names of NGOs from 200 countries.
By 28.3.2018, we plan to share 300 000 NGO addresses from about 225 countries / islands.
In the top, we share three drodowns in red background.

The 1st dropdown on top (shared here also) is sharing names of NGOs in countries & Thane.
For our global example country India, we plan to share 50000 names and for your simplicity to see names, we share NGOs with names starting with say A or say B ........
The 2nd dropdown is Brand enhancement, where we share names & brief profiles of NGOs. Since Governments, Corporates, Funding agencies, Philanthropists, Media, Celebrities are keen to know NGOs/NPOs working in specific socia issue, we share their name followed by social issue followed by country. The NGO may be working on more than 1 social issue and can decide which 1 social issue we should put there.
The third dropdown is our global example Thane.

Search access is different for content members
Content members have access to not only names of NGOs but their addresses in the country of their content membership. By March 2018, the content members can see 150000 NGO addresses.

Please note that these are NGO addresses and this not our outcome of online / offline research on credit rating of NGOs. This means that all the NGOs shared in the addresses may or may not be credible as per our criteria.

In many cases, we get just the location as the address.
e.g. We may have the following
So, we will put the addresses as available to us (indicated above).
But we put the location as Kabul.
So one can search the NGO by name, or by country or by location.

For all, our own NGO address and contact details are :
Developed Nation Network Trust
Devendra Apartments
Near Sahyog Mandir
Ghantali, Naupada
Thane, India
Phone numbers
(Calls from India ) : 09820073599
Time for of calls : 6 PM to 7 PM
Calls from outside India : 00919769473599
Time for of calls :
Countries which are geographically on East side of India : 8 AM to 9 AM (India time)
Countries which are geographically on West side of India : 7 PM to 8 PM (India time)
Email : Sanjay@DevelopedNation.org

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But again, as a responsible organisation, our editorial has a definite & clear say in type of ads accepted here.
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