NGOs (We share names, addresses & focus area of NGOs - focus areas if it is available)

Its free for all NGOs
We have taken a decision to put the name of the NGO, its address, contact phone number and original website free.
If the above is missing for any NGO, the NGO has to share the same with us by sending an emil to Datacentre and we will share it within a week.
Please note that if any volunteer or beneficiery or donor sees that the NGO is missing, they have to tell the NGO to send us email.
In case of countries or districts, we will have one page with just 50 NGOs and may increase the number of pages, if we have more NGOs from that country or district,

Our plan from now to 31.03.2019
50 000 names of NGOs by 28.3.2019 (these are shared districtwise)
30 000 names & community focus of NGOs by 28.3.2018 (these are shared districtwise)
25000 NGOs districtwise in India by 28.1.2018

Countries other than India
2 00 000 names of NGOs from 193 plus countries by 28.3.2019
50 000 names & community focus of NGOs by 28.3.2019

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Communicate by email to Datacentre

To check community focus
1) We download annual reports
2) We visit the NGO's website
3) We will communicate with NGO communications person.
We cover NGOs financed by UN through government, major funding agencies, other portals.

There are some NGOs which are like Multi National Corporates which means they work in many countries. Therefore one may see the same name in many countries. We share the NGO where they have an office (We will not share country's where the NGO is not physically present e.g. Our own NGO, Developed Nation Network Trust has office only in India. The NGO will have online presence in many countries but no office outside India. So we can share Developed Nation Network Trust only in India).

NGO issues
NGOs across the world face many issues like how to raise funds, how to get many donors and not dependent on just one or two funders, succession planning, image enhancement & branding, how to get good volunteers, how to attract corporates to include their name in Oay Roll Giving ... We share these and many more issues by 28.3.2018

What is CSR ?
CSR is far larger than corporate social responsibility. CSR is conscience, sustainability & reputation. So not just corporates, but governments, NGOs, media, philanthropists, all individuals, all celebrities .. have social responsibility.

Your identity in the social sector is important
Identity of the NGO is important because then the NGO can attract many volunteers, donors, ratail donors, good employees, good media coverage ....
Identity of the NGO is based on several things like its work with the community, who are its funders, volunteers, is the NGO getting Pay Roll Giving service from known corporates, how are the employees of the NGO ...

> 1 bn below poverty
We thought as an organisation helping one BPL is too small.
In India, each Member of Parliament adopts one village.
We thought why cant corporates do the same. Large corporates can take several villages at the same time.

We thought we should set an example and have started helping (not adopting but helping) Kokanipada in Thane as global example.
The first step is a school, which shares education.
We get satisfaction by helping students & tribals in Kokanipada.
We are trying to see if individuals & institutions across the world make this as a global example.
We through our NGO, Developed Nation Network Trust, are trying to create 28 Global Case Studies across the world and our focus many be locations or specific issues in some areas ....

Whatever one does must be sustainable.
Reputation comes out of every good thing (however small it may be in finance terms, but goodness as a nature of humans, is always invaluable). Or if one is already reputed, its a great background to help.

Every living being has social responsibility. (Its almost like we breathe). So we may say CSR for Corporate Social Responsibility, NSR for NGO Social Responsibility, FASR for Funding agency Social Responsibility, MSR for Media Social Responsibility.

But the minute we say CSR means Conscience Sustainability & Reputation, its for all individuals and institutions. Which means all individuals & institutions in the world should follow CSR. This covers the founders / top management / employees of NGOs, community it serves, the funders, local government, the media...

NGOs in this district
We think that some NGOs from this district may like to enhance their brand value, be known to donors & volunteers more.

So we have taken a decision to promote those NGOs & will share their name with due link to their original website on this district page.

There is a nominal fee of
Rs 1000/- including GST that the NGO has to pay to Corporate Sustainability & Reputation Consulting Pvt. Ltd., which is legally a company but is a social enterprise.

Instead of sending the charges through post or courier, it is good from the climate change point, that you trasfer the fees through NEFT for which IFSC code is TJSB0000003 and email your name, website and the district to Datacentre

There are some NGOs which work in multiple district, so they have to decide which district they should put their name and the above charges are per district.

There are NGOs which know the donors are from some metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Begaluru or are keen that their name should be seen on a particular district...so they can put their name in the districts where they dont operate but they want their name there.
In such case, we charge
Rs 2000/- inclusive of GST and there names will be mentioned

In case of metros, we put a separate column which is just before this column where we will share the names.

Remember, all names are in English alphabetical order.