NGOs/NPOs in different countries in the world (Names are shared free. Just see the top part of the folder and select country)
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Any organisation or individual can take the banners and link it to their site or a particular page.
As a responsible organisation, our editorial has a definite & clear say in type of ads accepted here.
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We plan to donate 20% of the income through ads here to Kokanipada, development of Bhinar school of tribals , Yamgarwadi school of nomadics , Kai Wamanrao Oka Blood Bank, MBA Foundation

How many NGOs / NPOs ?
100000 (195 countries & SARs as of now)
250000 (200 countries & SARs by 28.3.2018)
There may be more than 5 million NGOs in the world. We do not know their existence, focus & credibility.

ABAS (Advancement Bureau For the Articles of Society
Action and Disability and Development, Mohammadpur
Activists for Social Alternatives (ASA)
Adorsha Sports, Education and Cultural Center
Advancement Bureau For the Articles of Society(ABAS)
Agency for Infectious Disease Control and Prevention
Aid for Social Service in Bangladesh
Amici Del Mondo(ADM), Country Office
Anam Welfare Society
Arman Com
ASHIC Foundation
Ashulia Gram Unnoyon Shangtha
Asia Foundation
Asian Confederation of Billiards Sports
Asiatic Society of Bangladesh
Assistance for Community Development (ACD)
Assistance for Slum Dwellers (ASD)
Associaiton of Social Thought and Human Activities (ASTHA)
Association for Rights and Peace (ARP)
Association for Rural Advancement in Bangladesh
Association for Rural Development
Association For Social Development (ASD)
Association of Collaboration of NGOs
Association of Development Agencies in Bangladesh (ADAB)
Association of Muslim Welfare Agencies in Bangladesh (AMWAB)
Atlas health & development society
Aurora Health & Education Foundation for Inoffenssive People
Badhan Hijra Sangha (BHS)
Bangladesh Blood Donors
Bangladesh Buddhist Missionary Society (BBMS)
Bangladesh Education And Resource Network (BEARN)
Bangladesh Environment and Development Society (BEDS)
Bangladesh Federation of University Women
Bangladesh Helping Hand Development Society
Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies (BIISS)
Bangladesh Integrated Social Advancement Programme (BISAP)
Bangladesh Inter-Religions Brotherhood Association (BIRBA)
Bangladesh Labour Welfare Foundation (BLF)
Bangladesh Lions Foundation
Bangladesh Maid Sarvent Wellfare Associaton
Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication(BNNRC)
Bangladesh Rural Improvement Foundation (BRIF)
Bangladesh Rural Improvement Fund (BRIF)
Bangladesh Shishu Adhikar Forum (BSAF)
Bangladesh Study Counsel
Bangladeshi Bihari Rehabilitation Assembly (BBRA)
BASCO Foundation
Basharat Foundation
BASHUNDHARA (Basic Association for Social Humanities Upliftment with New Development Hierarchy Attri
Bodhisatwa United Social Welfare Mission
Boxirhat Police Outpost (Bit) Jamee Mosque Safe Committee
Bsngladesh Human Rights Commission
Buddha's Light Universal Welfare Society (BLUWS)
Center for Human Development
Center for Rural Development (CRD)
Centre for Disability in Development
Centre for Human Rights, Development & Human Security
Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP)
Centre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific (CIRDAP)
Centre on Socio Economic Development (COSED)
Chandrabangha Shishu Foundation (CSF)
Chittagong Social Development Forum(CSDF)
Christian Development Alternative (CDA)
Clanship Assciation (CA)
Coastal Development Organization for Women (CDOW)
Commonwealth Environmental Journalists Association (CEJA)
Community Development Association (CDA)
Community Development Services(CDS)
Community Service Centre (CSC)
Cox's Bazar Hospital for Women and Children
Crafts Centre, Bangladesh
Darmahata UFT Club
Deepti Bhuban
Democratic Development Centre
Destitute Development Foundation (DDF)
Development Council for Youths
Development For Better Adevencement (DBA)
Devlopment for Better Advencement (DBA)
Dr. Mohiuddin Foundation
Ecota Fair Trade Forum
Effort for Rural Advancement (ERA)
Environment Council Bangladesh
Environment Development Organigation
Farmers Advancement & Cultivating Effort (FACE) Trust
Foundation for Environment & Economic Development (FEED)
Friends Welfare Association of Bangladesh (FWAB)
Global Development Forum
Global Economist Forum
Global Network For The Prevention Of Torture (GNPT)
Global Partnership Program
Good HEAL Trust
Goriber Asroy
Grameen Bank (GB)
Grameen Samaj Unnayan Sangstha (GSUS)
Grameen Swapna
Grameen Trust
Grameen Unnayan Sangstha (GUS)
Grassroots Health And Rural Organization for Nutrition Initiative (GHARONI)
Green Mind Society
Help the Children
Hill Development Organization (HDO)
Hobby International, Bangladesh
Human Aid And Charity (HAAC)
Human Development And Research Oganization (HDRO)
Human Rights & Legal Aid Center Foundation Bangladesh
Human Rights Development Information Center
Human Rights Lawyers Society
Human Rights, Information and Development Society (HRIDS)
Humanity In Distress (HID)
Hunger Free World
ICT for Development Program, Bangladesh (ICTDPB)
IDC-Integrated Development Centre
Insight Bangladesh Foundation
Institute of Hazrat Mohammad (SAW)
Integrated Development Foundation (IDF)
Integrated Social Development Effort (ISDE) Bangladesh
International Center for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh
International Human Rights Commission-IHRC
Isa-e Church Bangladesh
Islami Society for Low Level People (ISOLP)
Jana Kalyan Kendra(JKK)
Jano Kallayan Sangsta
Janokalyan O Swastho Shachetoneta Kendo
Japan -Bangladesh Support Association(JBSA)
joint advencement for national Technical Assistence(JANATA)
Jubo Samajer Alo
Jumchab Metta Foundation (JMF)
Kathak Academy Bangladesh (KAB)
Kathak Academy of Bangladesh (KAB)
KOTHOWAIN (Vulnerable Peoples Development Organization)
Krisoker Saar (Farmers' Voice)
Legalbard & Associates
Light and Hope
Maa Amena Foundation
Manob Kallan Unnayon Sangstha
Manush Manusher Jonnyo
Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF)
Martimette Rivers Foundation
Martinette River Social Welfare foundation
Medi-Hope Foundation
Ministry of LGRD and Cooperatives
Minoriti Self Empowerment Foundation (MSEF)
Minority Self Empowerment Foundation (MSEF)
Mitali Sangha, Joypurhat
Moanophool Trust
Morning Bird Social Welfare 0rganization(MBSWO)
Morning Bird Social Welfare Organization
Mother Upland Keep Trial Inititative Society (Mukti Society)
Moula Foundation
Movement Against Conflict (MAC)
MUKTI Cox's Bazare
Mukti Mohila Samity(MMS)
National Development Programme
National Federation of Youth Organisations in Bangladesh, Bangladesh
National society of the Blind and Partially Sighted (NSBP)
Natun Jeebon Gori
Natun Jeebon(Drug Addiction Treatment& Rehabilation Center)
Needy Foundation
Needy Peoples Devolopment Society( Bangladesh)
NGO Forum for Drinking Water Supply & Sanitation
No Drugs Implication Life
Northglint Education Development Foundation (NED Foundation)
Nurul Uloom Trust
Nurul Uloom Trust (NUT)
Organization for Rural & Urban Development (ORUD)
Organization for Social Advancement (OSA)
Organization for Social Development of Unemployed Youth
Oriental Foundation
Palash Association for Rural Development (PARD)
Palash Palli Unnayan Sangstha (PARD)
Palli Manabi Unnayan Sangstha(PMUS)
Palli Mongol Karmosuchi
Panchahath(A Voluntary Social Welfare Organization)
Parbatya Bouddha Mission
Participatory Research & Action Network (PRAN)
Partners in Health and Development (PHD)
Pathshala South Aasian Media Institute
Peace Foundation (PF)
Peoples Development Organization
Policy Research for Development Alternatives
Practical Academy on Wise Education & Research Foundation
Pragati Janakalyan Kendra
Precise Foundation
Programme for Sustainable Development
Programme for Sustainable Development
Programme for Sustainable Development
Promoting Human Rights and Education in Bangladesh (PHREB)
Protiwdhani Somaj Unnayan Sangstha
Prova Society
Rainbow Nari O Shishu Kallyan Foundation
Red Sun Society
Renu Welfare Society (RWS)
Research and Rehabilitation Program for the Disabled (RRD)
Research Foundation for Society of Development and Peace
Rezia Environment Development Foundation
Rights Jessore
Roots International
Rural Acting Arrangement Centre
Rural Development Bank
Rural Economic Development Organization (REDO)
Rural Mother & Child Health Care Society
Rural Mother & Child Health Care Society (RMCHCS)
Rural Women Development Association (RWDA)
Rurowa Laue Tathang (RLT)
SAFE(Assistance For Emergencies)
Samaj Kalyan O Unnayan Shangstha(SKUS)
Samco Bangladesh Society
'Sanjog'- Build your life with solidarity
Save Our Urban Life (SOUL)
Save the Humanity
Save the People Foundation
Save the Underprivileged and the Needy (SUN)
Shahali Legal AIDS and Human Rights Societies
Shahjahan Foundation
Sharathi (An Integreted Socio-Economical Development Effort)
Shariatpur Development Society (SDS)
Sheba Manab Kallyan Kendra (SMKK)
Sheba Manab Kallyan Kendra (SMKK)
Shelter (NGO)
Shelter Urban& Rural Development Center
Shibgonj Athokarma Sangstha
Shibgonj Athokarma Sangstha(SAS)
Shikor Samaj Uannyan Sangstha
Shukher Thikana Soceity(STS) Address to the Peace.
Smyrna Development Society
Sobuj Bangla Unnayan Sangstha (SBUS)
Social & Economical Development Organization (SEDO)
Social Advancement for Rural Mass
Social Advancement Networking Community Organization (SANCO)
Social and Environment Management Improvement Association (SEMIA)
Society Development Agency (SDA)
Society for Economic and Basic Advancement (SEBA)
Society for Health Environment and Livelihood Protection (HELP)
Society for Probashi Care
Socio Economic Development Alliance (SEDA)
Socio Economic Development Alliance (SEDA)
Somaj Unnayan Karjocrom(SUK)
Srimangal Foundation
SS Foundation
StepUP Foundation Bangladesh
SUHA (Social Un-Obstructive Help Association)
Sujog Foundation
Surid Bangladesh
Surjamukhi Sangstha(SMS)
Surjmukhi Sangstha - Sunflower Association
Swadesh Unnayan Sangstha Gopalgonj
Tara Polli Unnyan Sangstha (TPUS)
The Emergers
The Fazlullah Foundation
The Grameen Bank Support Group, Australia
Training Research Education For Empowerment (TREE)
Ujjiban Samaz Seba Songstha
Unnayan Onneshan
Unnayan Uddog
Upakul Samaj Unnayan Sangstha.
Vialisa Foundation
Village Juba-Nari Unnayan Sangstha (VJNUS)
War Against Drug Addicted
Welfare Association for Development Alternative (WADA)
Westline Society of Bangladesh
White Cresent Welfare Society
Women Watch, Bangladesh, WWB
World Development Activities Foundation
World Peace Mission
World Youth Bank - Asian Coordination Bureau
Young Power in Social Action (YPSA)
Youth Education and Environment Society (YEES)
Youth Exchange Center(YEC),Bangladesh

Since we plan to share 100 000 NGOs, we share the names 1 to 100 NGOs per country. You can see names of NGOs covered by us in these 195 countries & SARs through above dropdown.

Select your country from 258 countries & islands shared above, to just see the some of the names of NGOs in the country.

How to search an NGO / NPO ?
Go to search engine, select your country and see all the NGOs / NPOs in your country, then click on any NGO / NPO to see the NGO address and in some cases the focus area of the NGO.

In many cases, we do not share the focus area of the NGO because from practical experience we have realised that NGOs / NPOs which work in districts of India, have to work on many issues because that is the dire need of the community. It does not mean that the NGO has clear focus that the donor wants to know. Therefore, we have decided to remove the focus issue from many NGOs. Also, it is difficult to know the focus area of NGOs in countries other than India because through online research, in many cases it is difficult to know the focus of NGOs / NPOs.

We also do not know if the NGO / NPO exists only on paper, if the NGO can accept money funds from individuals / institutions outside their country ... and the credibility of the NGO speciallt if the donor is giving only part funding of the project.

We are also working on location (in most cases we share specific country & city or in case of India the district) to help you select location, but let us admit that this process takes time.

You can use our consulting service to see which NGO you should partner with for any social issue in your mind and for any region of your interest.
Communicate with Rohini

If any content member knows names of NGOs which we have not covered in their country, please email us the names. Our research team will try and put the address of these NGOs.

A country content member has access to the name, address & focus area of corporates & funding agencies in this country plus the name & address of NGOs / NPOs in this country.
Country content membership fee is USD 25 for NGOs & USD 40 for Non NGOs.
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Country visibility of NGOs / NPOs
Fees : USD 100
We will share name of NGO in a folder called Countryname1 (Say india) with due links
This Countryname1 (Say india) folder is linked to related country from the homepage of CSRidentity.com

In addition to the above,
In the country page of the NGO folder, where we share names of some of the NGOs covered by us in that country, we will divide the NGO names.
First will be with a heading Country visibility, where we share the names of NGO which want country visibility and the name will be linked to their website.
The second will be other NGOs, with a heading More NGOs, and we share just some of the names of NGO covered by us..
Click here to get the country visibility in a particular sector where you are operating.

Global visibility of NGOs / NPOs
Fee : USD 575/-
In the opening page of CSRidentity.com, we share name & link to Global visibility members.
Here, we share the actual name of the NGO which wants global visibility with link to it in the global image folder.

The format is different than corporates / funding agencies because our research confirmed our thought that donors search issuewise NGOs.
So first is the issue (in alphabetical order), then the name of the NGO and then the country.

Banner of NGO on the left side
Fee : USD 2000 for 2017-18.
On the left side, we share two banners of size 190 px width into 380 px height and these banners are seen on all country pages of NGOs.
If you want to share your banner, send an email

Banner of NGO on the right side
Fee : USD 50 to USD 500 for 2017-18.
Fees depend on the name of the country
On the right side, we share two banners of size 190 px width into 190 px height
These two banners can be different in all the countries & islands.
If you want to share your banner, send an email

Our own NGO address is
Developed Nation Network Trust
Devendra Apartments
Near Sahyog Mandir
Ghantali, Naupada
Thane, India
Phone numbers
(Calls from India ) : 09820073599
Time for of calls : 6 PM to 7 PM
Calls from outside India : 00919769473599
Time for of calls :
Countries which are geographically on East side of India : 8 AM to 9 AM (India time)
Countries which are geographically on West side of India : 7 PM to 8 PM (India time)
Email : Sanjay@DevelopedNation.org

These two banners can be different in each country page.
We may not get banners in many countries in 2017-18, so we can give this banner space to any advertiser on a monthly basis, and at much reduced cost.
It may happen that the advertiser is an advertising or PR agency which operates in many countries and shares different banners in different countries. And this is perfectly okay with us.
But again, as a responsible organisation, our editorial has a definite & clear say in type of ads accepted here, even though they are a client of our client.
If you want to share your banner here, email to Datacentre
We plan to donate 20% of the income through ads here to Kokanipada, development of Bhinar school of tribals , Yamgarwadi school of nomadics , Kai Wamanrao Oka Blood Bank, MBA Foundation