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5 September 2017 : Archaeologists race to save Roman ruins in France

12 July 2017 : A massive iceberg just broke off Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf

We have changed the news pattern from 1.07.2017
We will share the news on social issues in India in respective issue folders and will share the news in other countries in the issue pages in respectve country folders.
If a corporate news is related to agriculture in India, it will be in agriculture forum.
If it related to any change in HR policies or any business process, it will be in corporate folder on the index page. In similar pattern news from government will be in government folder index page or NGO index page or philanthropist index page or celebrity index page (there are more than 46 celebrities and each type of celebrity is shared in respective countries of birth or citizenship of the celebrity).

If the news is related to award, career, event, seminar, conference, webcast, research requests... then it is shared in respective folder and within that folder there will be a country page related to the name of the country. Just email datacentre and we will communicate with you about the information of sharing the news.

If the news is on careers, seminars, conferences, awards, research, webcast, events, workshops, then we will share the news open to all with a small fee of Rs 1000/- and do send this news to our NGO Developed Nation Network Trust on and we will share the news.

PR agencies : Please send the news to datacentre

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We make it clear that we do not share news related to crime, naxalism, terrorism, corruption, elections & politics. We know these are important for universal development but we leave these issues to specialists.

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