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News related to social & developmental issues, countries, oceans, world, universe, science, awards, seminars, conferences, philanthropy initiatives .....
If the news is related to award, career, event, seminar, conference, webcast, research requests... then it is shared in respective folders and within that folder, we have different countries. The news will be shared on the index page of relevant folder for a week. One can see the announcement in relevant countries then onwards. The only request is to share the related news at least 60 to 45 days in advance, so that it can be part of our newsletter. We can share it through SMS through relevant mobile numbers.
PR agencies play a great role in sharing the news. Share it with the datacentre
We regularly visit these sites and thank them for sharing it with their visitors.
We are chaning the news pattern from 01.04.2017

The news will be either issuewise or stakeholdewise. e.g. If a corporate news is related to adoption, it will be in adoption forum but if it related to any change in HR policies or any business process, it will be in corporate folder on the index page. In similar pattern news from government will be in government folder index page or NGO index page or philanthropist index page or celebrity index page (there are more than 30 celebrities and each type of celebrity is shared in a folder of different celebrity type.

We make it clear that we do not share news related to crime, naxalism, terrorism, corruption, elections & politics.
We know these are important for universal development but we leave these issues to specialists.